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March 2017




Fall and Summer Enrollment


Fall Enrollment for the 2017-2018 School Year was two weeks ago. New families have been notified if they did not get their first choice or if their child could not be enrolled at this time. Once enrolled, you will receive a confirmation letter and forms in July.


The following is the status after Fall Enrollment:


Crib Room:    Full all four days

Toddler Room:    Full all four days

Preschool Room:    Full all four days

Older Preschool Room:   Monday: 5 openings

                                                     Tuesday: 1 opening                                                           

                                                     Wednesday: 1 opening  

                                                    Thursday: 1 opening



Summer Enrollment finished last week. For those families who enrolled, you will receive a confirmation letter with additional summer information the first week of May.


The following is the status for Summer Enrollment:


Crib Room:     Full all four days

Toddler Room:      Monday: 4 openings    

                                    Tuesday:   Full  

                                     Wednesday: 1 opening  

                                     Thursday: 1 opening                        

Preschool Room:      Openings each day

Older Preschool Room:     Monday (combined with School Age) 1 opening

                                                       Tuesday 4 openings

                                                      Wednesday 3 openings

                                                      Thursday 4 openings

School Age:       Monday (combined with Older Preschool) 1 opening

                                 Tuesday 4 openings

                                 Wednesday 2 openings

                                 Thursday 4 openings



A list of those enrolled for both the Summer and Fall programs will be posted in the hall in April. The children will be listed by class and day/days. Please check these to confirm the correct days and rooms for your children.


Our Summer Program runs June 12-July 20. Our Open House for next school year will be August 18 and our first day will be August 21.


Many thanks again to those of you who have referred us to your friends. We received many calls and emails because of you and appreciate your recommending our program!






 St. John‘s Easter Egg Hunt


You are invited to St. John’s Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 8, at 11:30 a.m. at Arno Park. The egg hunt will start at noon and there will be a hotdog lunch in the church’s parking lot. Please join us for this free fun event that will include games, prizes, and the Easter Bunny! Flyers about this event will be sent home.

You are invited to share in all of St. John’s Lenten activities!




Baby Grace Donations

Many thanks to those of you who have donated baby items to Baby Grace, a ministry that serves local families in need. We will continue to accept donations and can provide a tax receipt for you. Your generosity is much appreciated!


Federal Tax ID Number

For your 2016 income tax purposes, St. John’s Federal tax ID is 44-6005529. A receipt of your total paid tuition for 2016 can also be provided if needed.


Scholastic Book Club

The order forms are due on Thursday, March 16. Extra order forms are always in the pocket on the PDO Bulletin Board if you need them. You may also call your orders in to Nancy and bring a check in later or order online. Our activation code for ordering online is GQRQK. Thanks you!


Magazine and Book Check-Out

Parenting books and magazines are available for checking out on the PDO table. Kansas City Parent and Kansas City Baby magazines are free for you to take!



Classroom News


Crib Room:

We are amazed at how our little ones have grown!   We have had lots of fun dancing to music, singing and doing finger plays, listening to stories, and playing with our friends. Some of our favorite songs and finger plays include “The Wheels on the Bus”, “ABC”, “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. We love acting these out and playing with our musical instruments! We continue learning to pick up toys after our free play time and are making progress! We are experimenting with crayons and paint dots, and enjoyed making our handprint Valentines for our mommies and daddies! We are also playing in the big playroom downstairs and look forward to getting outside this spring!


Toddler Room:

Our Valentine parties were a hit! Thanks so much to the parents who provided wonderful snacks, paper goods, treats, and favors for our parties. You are much appreciated! We enjoyed making our handprint Valentines and decorating our Valentine sacks. We had fun making our shapes projects, bracelets, and texture collages. We are starting to work on recognizing letters and learning the first letter of our name and had fun with our letter art projects. We continue learning about shapes and colors through books, songs, circle activities, and crafts.


Preschool Room:

We enjoyed reading “Polly Parrot and Jasper Giraffe”, talking about being kind to one another, and making our giraffes and parrots. Our Valentine Parties were exciting with our treats, crafts, stories, and delivering Valentines to our friends. Thanks so much to the parents for providing the special treats for our parties. You all are much appreciated! We continue to learn and review concepts about shapes, colors, and opposites. We learned about taking good care of our teeth, including what food was good or bad for our teeth during Dental Health Week. Our funny puppet show taught us more about taking good care of our teeth. Hopefully, these will help make our first visit to the dentist a positive one! Our letters this month were Q, R, S, and. We continue learning about our letters, numbers, and counting through art activities and circle time.


Older Preschool Room

We started off our month learning about Groundhog Day and playing a fun guesting game on shadows with our overhead projector. Our Valentine parties were fun with our treats, games, art activities, and exchanging of Valentines. Many thanks to the parents for providing all the goodies for our parties. You are much appreciated! We learned lots of facts about Lincoln and Washington and the coins and bills that have Presidents’ faces. During Dental Health Week, we learned about taking care of our teeth through stories and activities. Our puppet show taught us more about “Good” and “Bad” food for our teeth and proper brushing. Hopefully, these will help make our first visit to the dentist a positive one! Our letters for February were Q, R, S and T, our colors were red and pink, our number was 7, and our shape was the heart.



Our Chapel Theme this month for the Preschool and Older Preschool Room was “Jesus Loves Me”.



Many Thanks to Dr. Ned Smith!

Thank you to Dr. Ned Smith’s dental hygienists for the fun puppet show about taking good care of our teeth and for providing dental health kits to the children in the Preschool and Older Preschool rooms during Dental Health Week. His donation was much appreciated! The children enjoyed their puppet show and demonstrations, learning about good dental health habits and good food choices for our teeth!






  • Please to make sure your child’s belongings are marked and send an extra change of clothes in your child’s bag. This pertains to all rooms.


  • Withwarmer spring weather, we will be going outside. Please dress your child for safe and fun play, including closed toe shoes.


  • Please do not bring your child before our arrival time, unless your child is signed up for early morning drop off. Please pick up your child at our 2:30 dismissal time unless signed up for extended care. It is upsetting to your child to be picked up late! We do offer Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday early care drop-off at 8:00 a.m. and extended day care until 3:30 p.m. Please see Nancy if interested. The hourly charge is $6.50.


  • Please try to sign up for snacks in our Toddler, Preschool, Older Preschool rooms. We have several days needed for this month! Thank you to all who have brought snacks this year! It is much appreciated!


  • If you would ever like to schedule a conference with your child’s teachers, we are happy to do this any time 9:00-9:30 a.m. or 2:00-2:30 p.m. Please see Nancy if interested.




will NOT be in session


March 13-16 for Spring Break.


Classes will resume March 20.



 We are looking forward to warmer spring weather and enjoying this beautiful season. Thanks for sharing your special children with us. It is a joy to see them grow and develop.


Happy March! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Spring! Happy Easter Season!


Nancy Bell and the Teachers