St. John’s Parent’s Day Out and Preschool


Monthly Newsletter



September 2017




Welcome to St. John’s Parent’s Day Out!


We are so glad you have chosen our program for your child. We are here to provide a safe and happy environment for your child. This school year we will work to provide the opportunity for your child to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually to his/her fullest potential. With an enthusiastic staff and wonderful PDO families, we are excited to start a new school year!


We have been learning our new friends’ and teachers’ names. In addition to the teachers’ names posted on each door, the following is a list of all the teachers in our program:


Crib Room: Jill Gardner & Hannah Shumate

Toddler Room: Lisa Craven & Mary Beth Mitchell

Preschool Room: Valla Jones & Brenda Stiles

Older Preschool Room: Karen Tutera


Crib Room: Brenda Stiles & Nancy Stiles

Toddler Room: Stacy Gromowsky & Mary Beth Mitchell

Preschool Room: Deena Hutsell & Valla Jones

Older Preschool Room: Karen Tutera


Crib Room: Jill Gardner & Hannah Shumate

Toddler Room: Lisa Craven & Deena Hutsell

Preschool Room: Valla Jones & Brenda Stiles

Older Preschool Room: Karen Tutera


Crib Room: Brenda Stiles & Nancy Stiles

Toddler Room: Stacy Gromowsky & Mary Beth Mitchell

Preschool Room: Deena Hutsell & Valla Jones

Older Preschool Room: Karen Tutera

Book Club Orders

Book Club brochures are being sent home with your children. You are under no obligation to purchase any of the books, but we are so impressed by the quality and price of the books offered, that we want to give you the opportunity to order them. September 14 is the deadline for placing your order. You may order online or bring your order in. If bringing in, please make sure your child’s name is on the order form and the check is payable to Scholastic Book Club.” One check may be written for all orders. Please put in the manila envelope on the PDO office door marked, “Book Orders“. To order online, go to and enter our activation code GQRQK. (This code can also be found on the front page of your “Early Childhood” book order form.) Each month new brochures will be sent home. With a certain amount of orders, we receive free books, games, and materials for our classrooms, so your child does benefit from the orders. Thank you!




Required Forms

We appreciate everyone’s time and patience in completing the required forms. The Missouri Department of Health requires detailed information on our forms in order to be in compliance. Emergency forms must be completely filled out, notarized, and turned in on your child’s first day and medical forms need to be turned in by the end of September. All these forms will be kept on file as long as your child remains in our program. It is very important that you inform us of any changes (address, phone numbers, emergency contacts and phone numbers, others authorized to take your child, etc.) on the blue information and emergency form. It is required that you keep us updated on your child’s immunizations. Please also let us know of any new medical concerns, such as allergies, and give this information in writing to Nancy. We also cannot give your child any medication unless you complete our Medicine Authorization form. Please see Nancy if you need us to dispense medicine to your child. Thank you!

The Health Department recommends that lunches be nonperishable or ice packs be used. As we do not have enough refrigeration for all of the lunches, please use cold packs if lunches contain any perishable items. Thanks!


•  Please take time to read your Parents’ Handbook and August Newsletter. Copies of the handbook and monthly newsletters may be found on the PDO Bulletin Board in the hall by the Preschool Room.


• Tuition payments are due the 1st week of each month and after the 10th of the month are considered late. Tuition is $122 ($128 for Crib) for one day a week, $244 ($256 for Crib) for two days a week, etc.


• Monthly tuition statements will be sent through email to keep you updated on payments made and payments due. These statements will be emailed to you in the next week. Please let me know if you do NOT receive this email. We can accept cash, checks, and automatic paper checks sent from your bank to our church. At this time, we are not set up to accept credit cards, pay pal, or direct electronic payments to our bank. Thank you!


• We ask that you please not bring your child before 9:00 a.m., unless signed up for early drop-off. The teachers need time to prepare the classrooms so they are able to devote their attention to your children at 9:00 a.m.


•  Please do not send your child if he/she exhibits any of the symptoms of illnesses as listed in the August Newsletter. This is very important. If your child does come to school with any of these symptoms, he/she will be sent home. We appreciate your cooperation.


•  When you drop off your child, we ask that you give him/her a hug and a kiss, say “good-bye”, I love you”, and leave quickly. Prolonged staying with your child only makes the separation more difficult (i.e. the longer you stay, the longer your child usually cries!). If you forget to bring an item for your child after dropping off your child, off, please give this to me rather than go back into your child’s room.   Information on “Handling Separations” and ”Avoiding the Long Goodbye” may be found on our PDO Bulletin Board in the hall. You are welcome to take these!


• Please do not send any morning snack containing any type of NUT products, as this is a serious food allergy and these snacks are shared with others. Check with your bakery and/or read ingredient labels on store bought snacks. Your child may bring nut products in his/her lunch, since the lunches are not shared with others.


• Please be considerate of our 2:30 p.m. dismissal time. Your child needs to be picked up promptly at that time, unless you are signed up for after care. If picking up more than one child, please plan accordingly. We understand that an occasional emergency may happen, but habitual late pickup will be documented by your child’s teachers and you will be assessed a late fee. Being picked up late is very upsetting to your child and also makes others late who have to stay with your child.


• Please be sure to mark ALL your child’s items with his/her name (lunch box, drink cup, everything in the lunchbox, blanket, crib sheet, stuffed animal,pacifier, bottle, clothing, jacket, diaper bag, etc.) Our teachers would prefer to spend their time with your child rather than trying to find which items belong to whom. We make every effort to get your child’s items home with them, but especially at the first of the year, we are learning what belongs to whom. We apologize if something comes home that isn’t yours and ask that you please return it to us the next time you are at PDO. Thanks so much!


•  We are currently compiling a directory of all students at PDO. If you wish to not haveyour child’s name, address, phone number and/or email listed in our directory, please let Nancy know by September 14. If you would like a different phone number and/or email address listed (other than the one on your enrollment card) or have a new number and/or address, please let Nancy know by then. For privacy purposes, these directories will only be given to PDO families and extra copies kept in Nancy’s office. The directory will also list substitutes of children enrolled in our program who would like to sub on days they do not attend. These substitutes can be called to take your child’s spot if he/she cannot attend on his/her regular day (illness, out of town etc.). The child’s name will be listed first with the mother’s name in parenthesis. The mother subbing will leave a check with Nancy that can be picked up the following week. If you wish to be placed on the “Sub List”, please sign the “Sub List” sheet on your child’s classroom door by September 14.


•  We ask that you wait until we have been in session for a month before getting a substitute in the Crib and Toddler rooms. The children coming on a regular basis need these first weeks to adjust to their classroom and a new sub can hinder this adjustment for the other children. We only take subs currently enrolled in our program, as this is less stressful to the child subbing.


• Please see Nancy if you are still interested in early morning drop-off and/or late afternoon pick-up. We are offering this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


Many thanks for donating paper towels, tissues, wipes, etc. and for your help towards purchasing some of our supplies. Your $25.00/$30.00 (Older Preschool Room) fee per child will help buy items that seem to be “eaten up” during the school year! We appreciate your help!

(We ask that you please pay this fee if you have not yet done this.)



 We are glad your child is here with us at St. John’s Parents’ Day Out. We strive to provide your child with a fun and safe day. Thank you for your patience and confidence in trusting your little ones in our care. They are enjoying making new friends! If you ever have any questions, feel free to call my office at 816-523-6792 or email at

Thanks for sharing your special child/children with us. Happy September!



Nancy Bell and the PDO Teachers