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12.01 - 12.24.2019

Each Advent and Christmas season we narrow our focus on the coming of God in the flesh. If we take a moment and pause, we might see that God came in more than just flesh. Much like a unique snowflake, working in harmony with others to set the seasonal scene, God came in different ways to different people in the birth narratives of the gospels. God came in a dream, as an angel, as the Holy Spirit, as a voice, and yes, as a baby. Our aim is to help us claim the ways in which God comes to us as we reflect on the ways God came at the first Christmas. I invite you to join us for our Advent worship series titled God Who Comes. I hope it will help you to see the ways God is still coming into our world and our very own lives. 

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11.10 - 11.24.2019

In church circles we use the phrase kingdom of God and I believe we probably have a variety of ideas and beliefs about it. Some of our images might include streets of gold, bright and shiny with big mansions, or it might be an image of the diversity of humanity where all are included and equally cherished. This series intends to hone in on three relevant aspects that should capture our imagination, our passion, and our energy, for among many things, the kingdom of God is religious, political, and social. I invite you to join us for the next three weeks as we dive into these three attributes of the kingdom of God.

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