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Lent/Easter 2021 | Let Them Come to Me

2.21 - 4.4.2021

Jesus spent three years engaging the crowds.  Each had their agenda and need.  Some wanted to shape Jesus into their image and the leader they were hoping for.  Some wanted to see if they would rise in power and status with Jesus.  Others came for more basic needs like healing or a blessing.  The gospel writer tells us that when Jesus saw the crowds, he had great compassion for them and he engaged their needs.  The church may exist within walls that are spiritual and physical, but they are supposed to be permeable.  During the season of Lent and Easter we will venture into the realm of openness and inclusion.  Not in the social sciences language, but the language of tradition and faith.  Jesus is one who still meets needs today and the church should be the bridge that brings the needy and the great provider together.

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Previous Series

A New Normal

1.17 - 2.14.2021

As we enter 2021 we bring with it some of the luggage of 2020.  We are still in the midst of a pandemic that has dramatically altered many of our lives.  We’ve endured a hurtful presidential and congressional campaign and election season.  We’ve missed seeing our church community, we’ve lost one Lent and Easter Season, Advent, and Christmas.  We will probably lose our second Lent and Easter season due to continued necessity to guard against spread of COVID.  It’s a different world, a different normal, and things will probably not go back to business as usual.  The Gospel of Mark tells us stories of people who had their normal changed by Jesus and it was for the better.  The hope of the gospel is that our lives can adjust and change for the better – our new normal can be something ensnared in God’s good will and vision.

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