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Our Holy Scriptures share inspiring stories of faith.  So often we find ourselves focused on the men in the Bible and their stories, while bypassing others.  Luckily for us, the scriptures also tell us stories of women who demonstrating powerful and inspiring faith.  With Mother’s Day shortly on the heels of Easter, we will take four weeks to look into the stories of women of faith in the scriptures.  We will be blessed by their witness, their strength, their courage, and their perseverance.  All are welcome to join us for our four-part worship series, Women of Faith.  

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03.10 - 04.21.2019

The New Testament gospels grant us a vision of Jesus as one who entered into the lives of various people and groups of people.  In these moments there is celebration, worship, struggle with disease or mental illness, loneliness, or grief.  In some of these encounters there is healing, resurrection, teaching, or rebuke.  The gospels share these stories to tell others how it was that people encountered Jesus then.  The vivid portraits of Jesus life are intended to help us see how we might encounter him today.  Our Lent and Easter worship series is titled Visions of Jesus and we invite you to join us as we seek to encounter the risen One through these stories and our own.  

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