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10.13 - 11.03.2019

A key component to the Christian tradition is renewal in God’s grace.  When we define grace, we are speaking of God’s unmerited or undeserved forgiveness and favor.  God forgives us any and all our sins because God’s love is greater than God’s judgment.  God gives away freely that which we could not earn nor do we deserve – God’s love-filled grace.  Because we are recipients of God’s grace, we are called by God to do likewise; we are called to give away freely.  For the next four weeks we will center on forgiveness, hospitality, justice, and generosity as areas of our lives we can give away freely.  I invite you to join us each week as we learn to “Give It Away.”  

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09.01 - 10.06.2019

Author Richard Carlson wrote a book title Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with the subtitle And It’s All Small Stuff. The basic premise of the book was about how to keep things in life from driving you crazy. There are a lot of things about life that we give too much time and attention to knowing that they are mundane and unimportant. Take an inventory of the minutes of your day and see how much time you spent looking at say . . . social media. How crazy does some of the stuff on it make you? You get the gist. But not everything in life is small stuff. Actually there are some things about life that are giant things and they are things that cannot be ignored or easily put aside. So how do we face these giants and come out on the other side hopeful? This series will look at the giants of loneliness, pride, temptation, anger, sloth, and envy. Through scripture and experiences we will discover the promise of God to be present and to empower us to face our giants.

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