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3.8 - 4.12.2020

Pop culture has expanded our collective imagination taking classical novel and turning them into plays, motion pictures, and musicals. Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables is one of the classics adapted into these forms. Now the church is getting into the act empowering us to examine several themes through the lens of Christian faith. During the season of Lent and Easter we will study characters from the story and how they represent ideas like grace, justice, poverty, and love. We are indebted to the work of Matt Rawle and his thoughts from “The Grace of Les Misérables” for it will be the seed for our growing conversation. You are invited to join us each week during Lent and Easter.  

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2.9 - 3.1.2020

“What does the Lord require of you?” The prophetic words of God say that we should do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. The Bible goes on to describe it actively as letting “justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” We talk a lot about justice, love, humility, and righteousness but how often do these words take form and action. “Require” implies that there is no other option. “Roll down” indicates action. In these vacillating and tense times, the church needs to be clear about its God given mandate and requirement – to let justice roll! St. John’s UMC is proud to announce a guest speaker series designed to help us engage in justice ministries in the Kansas City area. Our aim is to help all move from talk to positive action that will bring about justice and transformation in our community. You are invited to join us as we take time to hear from leaders in our city and United Methodist Church (UMC).

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