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6.28 - 7.19.2020

The Psalmist asked the question, “Who are humans that [God] would be mindful of them?”  I would guess that some of us think that God is too busy to be mindful of you.  One of Jesus’ favorite topics was the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of God.  He talked about it as realm where the lost are sought after and where rejoicing happens when the lost is found.  Whether you are lost, feel lost, or just occasionally stray, God is seeking after you!  Goodness and mercy are on your heels!

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LOVE IS . . .

5.24 - 6.21.2020

Love is everything!  It is what we are called to live into, a life filled with love for God and love for neighbor.  Some authors suggest that to learn to love completely is the pinnacle of being human.  Love is a universal language that sees past the barriers of age, gender, ethnicity, status, and a whole lot more.  What is fascinating is that in the English language we have chosen one word to try and explain four different relationships.  During this next series we will learn how love is the ultimate expression of connection with friends, a partner, your family, and your neighbor.