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1.17 - 2.14.2021

As we enter 2021 we bring with it some of the luggage of 2020. We are still in the midst of a pandemic that has dramatically altered many of our lives. We’ve endured a hurtful presidential and congressional campaign and election season. We’ve missed seeing our church community, we’ve lost one Lent and Easter Season, Advent, and Christmas. We will probably lose our second Lent and Easter season due to continued necessity to guard against spread of COVID. It’s a different world, a different normal, and things will probably not go back to business as usual. The Gospel of Mark tells us stories of people who had their normal changed by Jesus and it was for the better. The hope of the gospel is that our lives can adjust and change for the better – our new normal can be something ensnared in God’s good will and vision.

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Previous Series


11.29.2020 - 1.3.2021

Of all the things that we desperately need in this world, it is more people What does it mean for God to become one of us? Each Christmas we proclaim in word, song, and deed that a child was born and brought God to us in flesh. Upon this child we have attached labels but have we lost touch with what they mean? These are not mere titles or labels – they are the essence of Jesus’ person and his work. They should inspire us to think about how and why God would span the gulf between us and Him and the potential this has for each one of us. In these anxious, stressful, and divided times, we need the presence of One who can unite us in love and a common cause. We need a savior King who brings the Word and light to our dark corners. We need to work to close the gap between the world as it is and the world as it is supposed to be.

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