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07.14 - 08.11.2019

Part of our theological heritage as Wesleyan Methodists is the belief that the scriptures we call the Holy Bible contains all that is necessary and sufficient for our salvation. According to our own published statement it is the primary source and criterion for Christian doctrine and we believe they guide us in our journey to become more like Christ. While we believe that Scripture is the primary impetus for faith, we also believe that our minds are opened to a greater understanding as we integrate tradition, experience, and reason. While the Bible has much to say about human relations and activities it does not say anything about many of our modern and cultural experiences. If the Bible is supposed to guide our journey now, then how do we apply its principles to things like the iPhone, nuclear weapons, environmentalism, social media, or the internet? That will be our journey together in this worship series titled The Bible And . . . If this interests you, check us out each Sunday morning at 8:30 am or 10:00 am or you can listen to our recorded messages. I invite you to join us – we are a community where all are truly welcome.

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06.16 - 07.07.2019

Whenever I stop to think about people that have demonstrated “faithfulness” I think of the saints that I’ve encountered. They are people who are/were committed to their community of faith. They are/were people who bore in their everyday lives the fruit of the Spirit. They are people who are/were unmovable in their belief in and pursuit of God’s kingdom of love and justice. However, I’ve learned that faithfulness comes in different forms – the church’s saints are not the sole embodiment of faithfulness. In the New Testament Gospel of Matthew, there are stories of people who stood outside of the band of early disciples and yet, they demonstrated faithfulness in their lives.

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