Going Deeper

03.17 - 03.23.2019

We want to help you "Go Deeper" by moving Christ a little closer to the center of your life every day. The following resources are provided to help connect the weekly message to your every day life and reveal God's desire to be in relationship with you.


Pastor Jim Hoffman



    • Matthew 14:13-21

    • Mark 6:30-44

    • Luke 9:10-22

    • John 6:1-14


    As I began preparing for this sermon I re-read the very familiar story of when Jesus feed the 5,000. This is one of the early Bible stories we are taught as children. I remember listening to this story in my church basement at Sunday school while I sat on my square carpet mat. Accompanied of course with fish crackers for snack. As an adult teaching this to children I would have them color five loafs of bread and color two fish to glue onto a paper “basket” plate. When I looked at this story more in-depth as an adult I began to see it in new light. After hearing the same passages you can begin to lose sight of how miraculous this event was. I would ask for you to consider this week how Jesus has worked in your life as he did when he feed the 5,000 (or 20,000)


    • How is Jesus bigger than any problem you have faced?

    When it came to feeding the 5,000 Jesus was feeding more than hungry stomachs, but hungry souls. There was no store (or money) to purchase such a large quantity of food. But one small child came forth to give Jesus all that he had, two small fish and five loafs of bread. Jesus took what this child had and did three things with it. He looked up to heaven, to God, and blessed it. Jesus then broke the bread. Finally he gave it back to the disciples to feed the 5,000. Jesus performed the miracle. Not only was there plenty to eat, but they had twelve baskets left over. Jesus spent the day telling the crowd what it meant to live a Christian life and how God will provide for us when we are facing difficult situation

    • How has Jesus multiplied what you have given Him?

    When Jesus feed the 5,000 he not only gave them a meal but he gave them a meal so abundant that there was 12 baskets of food left over. Jesus didn’t just give any sermon, but he gave the longest recorded account of

    what it looks like to follow Jesus and serve as a member of God’s kingdom. Jesus shared with us the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes on this day. He satisfied the souls of those who were blessed to witness his great teaching. This teaching was of such great importance that it is found in four books of the Bible.

    • When has Jesus asks us to bring Him all that you have?

    The small child gave all that he had. Anyone would be logical in questioning how something so small could make an impact. This one act of a small offering allowed Jesus to perform this amazing miracle. A story still talked about today in Sunday school.

    • How has Jesus moved with compassion in your life?

    Jesus performed this miracle when facing the grief of losing his cousin and friend John

    the Baptist. Jesus used compassion towards the people who had followed him. He knew his time on Earth was to be cut short. But he continued forward to do all that God had called him to do. Jesus is the same today. He knows the pain and struggles we face. He understands, and is never too busy to care. 

    • When has Jesus brought blessing from what you felt was broken?

    Jesus took the five loafs of bread and lifted to the heavens for God to bless. Jesus then broke it, and gave it to his disciples to share with the crowd. Many of us have all gone through struggles and times of hardship. We have felt a darkness and a senses of brokenness that we felt like we may never escape. As Christians we can take comfort in knowing that God sent his only son to endure the brokenness of cross so that we may feel the blessings of the Resurrection.   


    God of love, mercy, and grace. You have given of countless blessings. The biggest blessing of all, sharing your son Jesus with the world. His time on this Earth with us may have been brief, and cut too short for many, but his impact will forever be felt. Help us move with the grace and compassion that your son showed us. Help us spread your endless love even when we may feel weak. Thank you for sharing your son with us so that our world may not seem so dark and broken. Amen.