Current Series

Pray This Way

4.24 - 6.5.2022

As people who claim to be Christians, prayer should be an important part of our everyday lives.  It should be as natural as waking, sleeping, eating, showering, and working.  It should be an intentional time of reflection, conversation, and deep listening to God.  But often it is something that is rushed like a quick prayer before a test or a court appearance; maybe something we utter before seeing a doctor or a specialist.  Mostly in times of trouble and despair, we utter a prayer.  When Jesus was asked by his disciples to teach them to pray, he instructed them in the pray that is now a common part of our worship.  The concern is that our corporate prayer has become a meaningless and rote prayer.  In this series we will strive to better understand what Jesus was teaching in this model prayer and how it is still relevant to our lives.  Our aim is that as we learn to pray, we will “Pray This Way.” - Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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Previous Series

The Journey to Jerusalem

3.2 - 4.17.2022

Jesus was well aware of what awaited him in his final journey to Jerusalem. There was mounting tensions between him and the religious establishment – they literally wanted him dead. Soon there would be political tensions between Jesus and the Roman authorities which would be natural when the crowds call a backwoods prophet “king.” With all of this amassing, you may wonder why it was that Jesus still journeyed to Jerusalem. In this Lenten and Easter series we will look at events and places in Jesus life that can help us understand the nature of his mission and ministry. Hopefully in gaining this understanding, we might receive new insights into our calling to be an active part of our local community. It boiled down to Jesus’ willingness to follow God wherever that may lead. We will wrestle with the idea of where our Jerusalem is and our willingness to go. - Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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