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The Gospel According to Lasso

1.16 - 2.27.2021

For some of us we may have been taught to believe that church and culture should not mix.  The church is its own realm that deals with the interior or spiritual life while the culture is the external influence upon us.  We go to church to feed our souls so we can stand our ground against the tide of culture.  Actually, I understand this because I was raised on this understanding. 


As I’ve grown older and my experiences have diversified, so has my understanding of church and culture.  They are more intertwined than what I was raised to believe and there is the possibility of a conversation between the two that will edify us as the body of Christ.  This conversation will be a worship series titled “The Gospel According to Lasso.”  For you Apple TV subscribers, you know where this is headed.  Yes, we are going to look at some of Ted Lasso’s nuggets of wisdom along with the scriptures so that we might learn more from Ted about what it means to be a more authentic follower of Jesus.


I invite you to join us in-person each Sunday at 8:30 am (beginning January 16th) or 10:45 am or on-line at 10:45 am.  We will gather to engage a cultural phenomenon and how it speaks truth to each of us as a reflection of scriptural wisdom.  I hope you will join us and encourage a friend or family member to come along with you! - Rev. Dr. Jim Hofman

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Previous Series

Preparing for the Christ Child

11.28 - 12.24.2021

Maybe it is just me, but it seems that this time of the year accentuates our need to prepare. Most of the year you have hit and miss moments – you prepare for a birthday or anniversary, you prepare for a vacation, you prepare for a new arrival, or you prepare to celebrate the death of a loved one. But during the Advent season you take that up a notch. You spend time planning holiday meals, your decorations, the presents you need to buy, the parties you will attend, and even the church services you will go to. Advent is called a season of preparation but do we actually take time to prepare for the one that this season focuses on? Advent is a wonderful time to prepare for the coming of the Christ child who is God’s savior of the world. It is a glorious time to celebrate God’s redemption through Christ. It is a beautiful season to proclaim God’s messenger of peace, hope, joy, and love. It is a significant opportunity for us to grasp what it means to be disciples of Jesus who are called to be good neighbors who share the good news. This Advent season our task will be to claim or re-claim this season of preparation as a spiritual journey, more than it is a physical journey. The goal will be a renewed heart and life filled with the vision of Jesus’ goodness lived out in our lives and in the lives of others. - Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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