11.1.2020 Message

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Event Status

For the foreseeable future, we will not be having public worship services or in-person class meetings here at St. John’s.   Visit our Facebook Page, our website, or our streaming link at 10:45 AM each Sunday to view the current message. 

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New Worship Series

Have Character; Don't Be A Character

11.1 - 11.22.2020

Of all the things that we desperately need in this world, it is more people who have character, not more characters.  Many of us are tired of the self-serving, bombastic, boisterous, look-at-me culture in which we live.  It seems that only the outlandish and audacious get publicity.  Our neighbors don’t need big personalities; they need people with big character.  They need people who have the character to love God more than they love themselves.  They need people who have the character to love them as they love themselves.  In order to do this, we have to guard what goes in to our souls and our minds.  We need to mind the company we keep and seek to produce the good fruit of faith.  We need to have character, not be characters. Come and join us each week at 10:45 AM via our live stream so we can learn to live life knowing and giving thanks for God’s daily provision and blessing. 


All of us seek and want to find a place where we are welcomed and can belong. Some feel like they can belong anywhere; others question if they belong, even in a local church. We, the people of St. John’s, want you to know that all are welcome here! We want to emphasize that everyone ~ and we mean everyone ~ can come and belong here. St. John’s United Methodist church proclaims God’s unconditional love and grace that is for everyone. We celebrate and welcome the diversity of God’s family. Thus, we are open to all who are seeking after God and desire to be in unity with others. So, there it is. You are welcome here!


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We strive to offer inspiring and excellent classical traditional worship.  Our choir-led service is filled with stirring music, sermons, stories, and opportunities for spiritual growth all led by our laity and pastoral staff.  We believe anyone attending worship will be stimulated emotionally, physically, and spiritually for the purpose of leading a holistic and faith-filled life.


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Living Streams is our weekly worship experience focusing on the practices of story sharing, centering prayer, and communion.  


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When & Where


Early-Risers Service | 8:30 AM | Chapel (SUSPENDED)

Family Service | 10:45 AM | Sanctuary (ONLINE)


Living Streams | 1:00 PM | Guice Library (VIRTUAL MEETING)

6900 Ward Parkway

Kansas City | MO 64113


Previous Series

I'd Rather Have . . .

10.4 - 10.25.2020

If only I could win the lottery! If only I had a million dollars! We know that money has power – the power to possess things, maintain our safety, and provide for the future. It also has the power to be generous and provide for others. Our perception of money can be positive or negative. On the negative side our perception can lead to doubt, despair, anxiety, and scarcity. We live life on the downside of what is possible. God invites us and empowers us to live life on the positive side of our perceptions. In Christ we can have faith, hope, peace, and generosity. We can learn to live life free from striving and grasping because we are safe and secure in God’s loving presence. Come and join us each week at 10:45 AM via our live stream so we can learn to live life knowing and giving thanks for God’s daily provision and blessing. 

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