“The Life of David”




Special Sermon Series


In the book of Acts, the writer records God saying that Saul was removed as king so that David could be the next leader.  God says that David is “a man after God’s own heart; he will do what I want him to do.” 


David was a young shepherd boy full of spunk and promise.  He killed a giant.  He ascended to the throne and united Israel and Judah into one kingdom. He also faltered and struggled through a deep divide in his own family.  Despite all of these things, David persevered and his legacy was carried on through his son Solomon. 


David was a wandering heart that was at times filled with faithful love and at other times callous and distant from God.  I wonder how many of us have walked a crooked path – sometimes close to God and sometimes very distant from God.  One constant for David was the steadfast and faithful love of God.  A love that never abandoned him; a love that never failed. 


It is the divine love that is still active in our world but more importantly, can be active in our hearts and lives.  I invite you to join us for our next worship series, The Life of David;  Sundays at 8:30 am or 10:45 am.  All are welcome; please come.






8:30 a.m. Chapel Service


10:45 a.m. in the Sanctuary







SUNDAY, May 28



MESSAGE:   The Life of David − “His Great-grandmother, Ruth”       Pastor Jim Hoffman






Sunday, June 4





MESSAGE:   The Life of David − “The Unlikely Shepherd Boy”     Pastor Jim Hoffman






Sunday, June 11



MESSAGE:  Life Is Better Together         Allie Williams, Director

Children, Youth & Family Ministries






Sunday, June 17



MESSAGE:  The Life of David − “The Giant Slayer”        Pastor Jim Hoffman






Sunday, June 25



MESSAGE:  The Life of David − “The Trouble with Kings”        Pastor Jim Hoffman






Sunday, July 2





MESSAGE:  The Life of David − “Closer than a Brother”        Pastor Jim Hoffman







Sunday, July 9



MESSAGE:  The Life of David − “The Affair”        Pastor Jim Hoffman






Sunday, July 16



MESSAGE:  The Life of David − “Rebellious Sons”        Pastor Jim Hoffman






Sunday, July 23



MESSAGE:  The Life of David − “His Poetry”       Pastor Jim Hoffman






Sunday, July 30



MESSAGE:  The Life of David − “His Legacy”       Pastor Jim Hoffman