Spring Sermon Series



Follow Me  |  5 Key Relationships

“Follow Me: 5 Key Relationship” 



One of the things about being a human is that we are all social; granted some of us are more graceful at being social than others.  Nonetheless, we are all social creatures and that means that we have an impact on others.


Jesus was a person who was at times very social and at other times very private.  He found himself in the midst of crowds on the side of mounts, on seashores, and in cities, and he found himself all alone as he went to pray.  Still, Jesus knew intrinsically the impact he would have on others, especially those he invited to follow him.


As modern followers of Jesus we are not only aware of our relationship with the Savior, but we should be very aware of the human relationships we are intertwined within.  This series will focus on the nature of our relationships and how we are to embody Jesus in each of them.  I invite you to join us as we consider the key relationships we each have and how we maintain them as followers of Jesus Christ.






8:30 a.m. in the Chapel


10:45 a.m. Sanctuary




Sunday, May 20





READING:   Mark 10:13-16 (CEB)


MESSAGE:  “5 Key Relationships: Public”     Pastor Jim Hoffman





Sunday, May 27





READING:  Matthew 11:16-19(CEB)


MESSAGE:  “5 Key Relationships: Social”     Pastor Jim Hoffman





Sunday, June 3



READING:  Luke 14:25-35 (CEB)


MESSAGE:  “5 Key Relationships: Personal”     Pastor Jim Hoffman




This Series − “Follow Me | 5 Key Relationships”  −  Pauses for two weeks.

Following special worship during Annual Conference & Father’s Day Sundays,

it resumes June 24 …




Sunday, June 24



READING:  John 16:25-33 (CEB)


MESSAGE:  “5 Key Relationships: Transparent”     Pastor Jim Hoffman




Sunday, July 1





READING:  John 17:1-8 (CEB)


MESSAGE:  “5 Key Relationships: Divine”     Pastor Jim Hoffman




Nursery care provided during 10:45 a.m. worship service for infants through age 3.   Special activity for pre-school children (JAM: Jesus And Me).