Registration forms and information are available in the Rotunda or Education Wing.




General Enrollment


School-Year Program:  Tentatively August 21, 2017 – May 24, 2018, with the same days and hours.




For attending one day a week during the School-Year Session, the monthly tuition is $128 for the Crib Room and $122 for the other rooms. These monthly amounts are doubled or tripled if attending two or three days a week.




In order to reserve your child’s place for the School-Year program, a $167 per child ($173 for Crib Room ) Registration Fee must accompany the enrollment form. The first $122 ($128 Crib Room) of the fee will go toward the first month’s tuition. The enrollment fee is only refundable if we cannot enroll your child.

When enrolling, please come in the West Door Entrance with the canopy marked “Parents’ Day Out.” Come up the stairs to the “Bear Door” and turn right.

For more information about our program, to come visit, and to receive and enrollment form, please call Nancy Bell at (816) 523.6792 or e-mail at