St. John’s United Methodist Church Parent’s Day Out/Preschool Enrollment Application        



Child’s Name(s): _________________________________    Birth Date(s):  __________________

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Parents’ Names:  _______________________________________________________________

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Room/Rooms (Please circle):      Crib    /    Toddler    /    Preschool    /   Older Preschool

Please indicate which day or combination of days you would like:

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In order to reserve your child’s place, a $174 per child ($180 Crib room) non-refundable Registration Fee must accompany this form.  The first $124 ($130 Crib room) of that fee goes toward the first month’s tuition.

Please return to: St. John’s Parents’ Day out; 6900 Ward Parkway; Kansas City, MO  64113, on your day of enrollment.

Questions?  Call 816-523-6792 or e-mail:  nbell@stjohnsumc.org.




   Office Use Only:  Paid $ _________  Check # _________ Date ____________