DAILY DEVOTIONALS 10.09 thru 10.14

Going Deeper …




Scripture Reading for the Week:  Ecclesiastes chapters 1-12


I start this week’s devotion with a question that I invite you to ponder.  I also invite you to write down some responses as you consider this, “what in your life and world do you fear?”  Some of us may say “absolutely nothing” because we are optimist or have great faith.  I would invite you to do some additional soul searching and be really honest with yourself and God.  I believe that every single person has something in life that they fear and let me tell you why.


There is a survival instinct in every single one of us that cannot manage our fear of one thing – death.  From the moment that we take our first breath as a new born child, we are on a journey to the grave.  What marks the in-between is time.  The preacher of Ecclesiastes takes a dim and pessimistic view of life.  Life is absurd because we do not have the power to control our experiences.  There are elements of life that are out of our control and so the preacher says that much of our effort is in pursuit of vain things.  What we should focus on with our time and energy is “fear of God and keeping God’s commands.”  (Ecclesiastes 12:13)  If we orient our lives around this and give our time to it, then we might experience the joy of life that God intends for us, not the futility of life.  This week’s devotion is intended to provoke thought and action regarding the use of our time; to deeply consider if we are pursuing vain things or joyful things.


I pray that this week’s reading of the scriptures, the reflections, and the questions will be a guide and inspiration as you consider what it means for you to give of your time to the things that matter to God; may God bless the reading of God’s Word.











Who has the greatest amount of influence on your life and your time?  Is it your career, a person or group of persons, a hobby, or a mix of several things?  Is God a major factor and if so, how?




What specific actions are you taking each day and week that demonstrate your love for God and desire to do God’s work in this world?  What are the tangible results that you witness and what are the intangible results that you hope will last beyond your earthly life?




When do you feel a release from the “fears” or “anxiety” of life?  When you exercise?  When you sit down and read about God or God’s community?  When you pray?  When you give of your time in service?  Or when you are involved in something else?




Where in your life are you experiencing a conversion of your time?  Where do you find yourself investing your time in vain things?  Where are you investing your time in ways that show your love for God and desire to do God’s work in this world?




How are you challenging yourself to be more in love with God?  How are you converting your time to do more of God’s work in this world?  How are you searching for and discovering the joy of life God wants you to experience?




God through the writers of the scriptures is sending each of us a clear message – time is ours to control.  Although we do not all live to the exact same age, each day that we breathe, we have the same amount of time to use.  How we use our time varies by individual but God desires for each of us to commit to loving God and doing God’s work.  Are you seeking this in life or something else?





Daily Prayer


Almighty God.  In a world of change you placed eternity in our hearts and gave us power to discern good from evil.  Grant me sincerity, that I may persistently seek the things that endure, refusing those which perish, and that, amid things vanishing and deceptive, I might see the truth steadily, follow the light faithfully, and grow ever richer in that love which is the life of all people; through Jesus Christ my Savior.          Amen.