Going Deeper …




Scripture Readings for the Week:


Luke 15:11-32; I Corinthians 13: I John 3:13-24; 4:17-21; 2 John 4-6





I’ve shared numerous times with you how my adult life experiences have been shaped by my time in the military, business world, and now ministry.  Whether in public or private sector, I’ve always been encouraged to seek balance between professional life and personal life.  I would suggest that we need it today in the conversations that we listen to.  From MY view, the conversations in our culture are tilting back and forth between extremes and we have lost (maybe never had) the ability to have a conversation that is respectful and mutually beneficial.  A group of authors proposed that the reasons are first, our opinion vary [widely].  Second, the stakes for us are very high.  Finally, our emotions run strong, sometimes really strong.


Of all the varying ways the conversation between the prodigal son and the waiting father could have gone, I’m not sure many of us would have been able to predict the one that did happen – a short conversation centered in embracing love.  Our sense of justice or fairness may not allow unmerited forgiveness.  The father did not make the son apologize, do penitence, or even repay the estate.  The father embraced the son and restored him from death to life.  This story is perhaps the greatest parable about God’s love for each of us.  It expresses one fact- there is nothing that we can do that will “separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:39)  Nothing!  For me, that is love that I cannot comprehend but I am eternally thankful for because it means that God has my best interest in mind even when I don’t.


I pray that this week’s reading of the scriptures, the reflections, and the questions will be a guide and inspiration as you consider the depth of God’s love that is for you.  I also pray that God bless the reading of God’s Word and the meditations of your heart.









Who do you love the most in this life?  Who do you know that needs unmerited love and can you name anyone showing it to them?




What lengths are you willing to go to be a living portrait of God’s love?  What empowers you or keeps you from personally experiencing God’s love?




When do you feel God’s gracious love the most?  When do you feel like you are far away from God’s love?




Where do you go to center yourself in God’s love?  Where do you go to hide from God’s love?




Ho do you exemplify God’s gracious to yourself?  To others?




The prodigal son may have wandered into a far land but he could not go so far that his father’s love would fail.  The same is true for you and God – there is nowhere you can go and escape God’s love.  Is this frightening for you or reassuring and why?





Daily Prayer


Gracious God, you are good to me.  If I choose to wander far from you, your love pursues me.  The Psalmist says that it does so from the depths of Sheol to the highest heavens.  O Lord, help me to see and understand that your love does not desire to control my life.  You intend for your love to liberate me in a way that I cannot see or understand.  Your love grants a quality of life that is now and eternal; it is a quality of life that goes beyond our worldly understanding.  By the power of your Spirit, draw me close to your love that was expressed in your son Jesus.  Help me to live in the power of your gracious and far reaching love.        Amen.