Going Deeper …




Scripture Readings for the Week:



Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 16:14-16a; Acts 1:7-8, 8:26ff





As I was reading and preparing for this week, I began to think about the dual nature of the word witness.  It isn’t like a typical homonym, a word that is spelled the same but has multiple meanings.  Bark, bolt, mine, tear, or hatch fit the definition of a homonym.  As I thought about witness, I reflected on the fact that you can see an event transpire and you are a visual witness of it.  You can also share a story of an experience and you become an oral witness to it.  Let me give you an example.  In my formative years at church, I not only went to church on Sunday morning, but also Sunday night.  Our church did baptisms on Sunday night and I watched as friends I grew up with got baptized.  I was a witness to these baptisms.  I was also one of those kids which means I can tell you what it was like to be baptized in my home church by the minister at that time.  Get the picture?


One aspect of the power to be Jesus’ witnesses is the command to tell Jesus’ story.  We are not simply bystanders in God’s drama of love and redemption.  We are active storytellers sharing with others what we have experienced in our journey with Jesus.  We have the power to be witnesses – to speak about God’s love made known in Jesus and how that has changed our lives.  It is the Good News of the gospels and Jesus commanded us to be verbal witnesses sharing this news.  If we are silent, then we have misused the power God has granted to us.


I pray that this week’s reading of the scriptures, the reflections, and the questions will be a guide and inspiration as you develop your faithful and powerful spoken witness.  I also pray that God bless the reading of God’s Word and the meditations of your heart.









Who was the last person you shared your faith story with?  Who was the last person that shared their faith story with you?




What difference has Jesus made in your life?  What words would you use to tell another person how Jesus has and does make all the difference in life?




When do you feel the power of the Holy Spirit to be a verbal witness?  Is it inside of your church when you are amongst friends?  Is it outside of the church, among your friends and neighbors?




Where are you willing to go to share the story of Jesus with others?  Next door?  Down the block?  To a different part of town or a foreign country?




How you share your story is critical – tone of voice and body language convey as much meaning as the words.  How would you share the story of Jesus with another person?




In the early church, the Apostles Peter and John had a strong vocal witness to the power of God that was on display in Jesus and them.  That same power still exists today and we should be living in the middle of it.  In what ways are you living in the power to speak God’s love to others?





Daily Prayer


Gracious God.  In Jesus Christ you became flesh.  You did so in order to speak directly to a certain people in a certain time.  You gave witness of your love that can change hearts and change lives, especially for those marginalized by the elite, religious, and powerful.  We’ve learned that your ways are power, that your words are powerful, and that we can speak powerfully.  We ask for you, Holy Spirit, to grant us the power to be a bold, vocal witnesses that is calling all to repentance and righteousness.  It is the only way we can honor you.  Grant us your spirit and your power to proclaim the good news – Christ is risen.        Amen.