DAILY DEVOTIONALS 7.31 thru 8.05

Going Deeper …




Scripture Reading for the Week:  1 Kings: 2


One of my formative instructors for my masters and doctorates degrees was Rev. Dr. Lovett Weems. He was a pastor for many years, for several years was the president of Saint Paul School of Theology, and then led the Lewis Center for Leadership Excellence at Wesley Theological Seminary until recently retiring. One of his favorite lead-ins for conversation with church folks is “I am so proud to…” I often think about that and my current tenure with you, the good folks of St. John’s UMC. I will gladly admit that I am so proud to serve a church that is mindful of its legacy – what we have inherited and what we want to intentionally pass on.


Between Margaret and myself, we have four children who are all now young adults.  Our oldest daughter will be 35 in September and our youngest daughter will be 25 in August.  Since we started dating and got married well over 20 years ago, we have been faithful in worshipping together and now serving together in ministry.  While doing so we dragged our kids to church with us because we wanted to share with them what we value and are passionate about.  Out of our 4 kids, one of them is married to a Nazarene pastor and of her own accord is excited about serving God.  The other three adopted different priorities and passions than religious ones.  It makes me wonder if I have failed or missed the mark; have I shared with them a picture of God’s heart, my own “broken” life, or a contradictory mixture of the two?


The goal of this week’s devotional is two-fold.  One is for us to recognize that even though our kids and grandkids do not walk the exact same spiritual path we do, we still have the opportunity to share a powerful witness regarding God’s love, mercy, and goodness.  Second, is to be forgiving of ourselves because above all things, we are mere humans.  We are prone to make mistakes, to veer off the path of righteousness, and to share a legacy that is mixed with messages of faith and world.


As you read this week’s scripture, reflections, and questions be mindful that God is redemptive in nature.  Where we lack, God can supplement for goodness.  And if possible, take pride in the person that each of your children and grand-children are becoming because they are influenced by your legacy.  May God enhance and bless the reading of the scriptures and this devotion for the good and nourishment of your soul.












Who are you trying to influence so that they might have God’s heart?  Who has or is influencing you so that you might have God’s heart?




What gives you joy about sharing God’s heart with others?  What about your life provides joy to others?




When do you feel like you heart reflects God’s heart?  When do you experience the heart of God in others?




Where do you go so that you might share the heart of God with others?  Where do you go to have God’s heart shared with you?




How is God speaking to you that molds your heart into God’s?  How is being reflected as the legacy of your life share with others?




God became one of us; Jesus is our earthly model of God’s heart.  Jesus ate with sinners, healed the sick, and caused the blind to see.  He set free those who were oppressed and in prison.  This was his legacy that shared God’s heart with others.  What particular ministry are you involved in that share’s God’s heart?  Is it something your kids or grandkids could participate in with you?





Daily Prayer


You are invited to pray this song of David each day:  “The Lord is my solid rock, my fortress, my rescuer.  My God is my rock – I take refuge in him.  He’s my shield and my salvation’s strength, my place of safety and my shelter.  Because you are praiseworthy, I cried out to you and I was saved from myself.  You heard my voice from your holy mountain, my cry for help reached your ears.  Help me God to share this with others so that they might experience your heart through my heart.”           Amen.