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Monthly Newsletter



April 2017




Enrollment News


Our Summer program still has a few openings! The Crib Room is full, Toddler Room has one opening, Preschool, Older Preschool and School Age rooms have some openings each day. Please let me know if you are interested in an extra day or have friends interested.


The class lists for summer will be posted next to the large PDO Bulletin Board, between the Crib and Toddler rooms. Please check these to confirm the day/days that your child is enrolled. You will also receive a confirmation letter with information about our summer program later this month.


If you are enrolled and are interested in subbing this summer on the day/days your child does not attend, please sign up on the yellow “Summer Sub List” sheet on your child’s classroom door.


Summer Enrollment checks have been deposited.


Our Fall 2017-18 School Year program also filled up quickly, with one opening in the Preschool Room and a few openings in the Older Preschool Room at this time. We encourage any parents interested in our program to call to be put on the wait lists for the days that are full.

Posted to the right of the bulletin board next to the Preschool Room will be the class lists for next school year.  Please check these to confirm the day/days you are enrolled for next year. In mid uly, you will receive a letter of confirmation, along with an emergency form, health form, (unless already on file with us), child information form, parental responsibility form, August newsletter, an Open House invitation, and list of items to bring.

Please note that fall enrollment checks will be deposited in this month.



 Tax ID Number

For those of you who still need our Federal Tax ID number, our number is 44-6005529. A receipt of the total year can also be provided.



Scholastic Book Club

April book brochures are being sent home this week, with the deadline for ordering being April 13. Please remember that late orders can always be called in, brought in, or ordered online. To order online, go to www.scholastic.com/bookclubs. Our activation code is GQRQK. Thanks again for your orders!



School Photos

For those of you who signed up to have your child’s pictures taken on April 3, you child’s photos can be viewed and ordered online, so no proofs are sent home. Please contact Nicki Griffith, the photographer, at www.nickigriffithevents.com with pricing information and any questions. Thank you!



Emergency/Information Changes

If your address and/or phone number has changed or will be changing before next school year, if you have a new emergency contact or new persons authorized to pick up your children, or any other changes that would affect your child, please let Nancy know. Please continue to turn in updated immunizations also. Thanks!





Classroom News


Crib Room:

We are enjoying dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, listening to books, doing finger plays, and playing with our friends. We even know our friends’ names! We continue working on following directions, picking up our toys, and sharing. We are excited to start playing outside now that spring is here! The playground is lots of fun and the courtyard is so pretty this time of year! We love to use our crayons and paint dots! We are   now doing some new fine motor/sensory art activities. What growth and change has been seen in us!


Toddler Room:

We started out March with making lions and lambs and talking about the windy weather. We enjoyed green pepper stamp painting our St. Pat’s shamrocks and making our beaded necklaces, as we learned about different colors. Our spring cupcake flowers and flower stamp spring pictures were fun to create. We continue working on concepts such as counting, sorting, shape and color recognition, as well as listening, following directions, sharing, and cooperating with our friends. We are doing well at picking up toys and have grown socially this year!


Preschool Room:

We continue working on number, letter, color, shape, size and opposite concepts while learning about the changing seasons. Dinosaur Week was fun as we learned about different dinosaurs, dug for dinosaur bones, and hunted for dinosaur eggs. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by marble painting shamrocks, and painting rainbows. Finding coins in our room left by a leprechaun was so much fun!Reading “Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash” and “washing” and hanging up our clothes were fun activities. Our letters for this month were T, U, V, W, and X. After Y and Z, we will be reviewing all our letters for the rest of the year. We continue working on our fine motor skills such as cutting, painting, coloring, and gluing, as well as listening, following directions, sharing, and cooperating with our friends.


Older Preschool Room:

Our room has been filled with lots of learning and springtime activities. We learned about the letters T, U and V, the number 8, the diamond and oval shapes, and the colors green and orange. We discovered what colors together make each of these! Our St. Pat’s parade for the other classes was fun with all our decorated hats and rainbow ribbons. We have been talking about our changing weather and seasons and enjoyed making our Lion book for our class. During Feelings Week, we discussed different feelings we have, made our feeling puppets, and had fun acting out different feelings in our “Guess My Feelings” game! We just finished learning about all different kinds of farm animals and had fun making our farm scenes and fuzzy lambs and our own Spring Farm Animals book.


Our Chapel theme for March for Preschool and Older Preschool was “Jesus Loves the Little Children”.



Preschool and Older Preschool Room Parents:



Please mark your calendar for these dates!


Mother’s Day Program and Tea


Older Preschool Room: May 8 and 9   −   2:00 p.m. each day


Preschool Room: May 10 and 11   −   2:00 p.m. each day


 St. John’s Chapel and Preschool Rooms   (Invitations will be coming home!)






  • Please remember to send a change of clothes with your child and mark your child’s belongings.      
  • Please remember to send enough diapers or Velcro pull-ups if your child is still in diapers.
  • Please send a picture for our bulletin board if you have not! It is not too late! 
  • Please remember to sign up for snacks. For those of you doing late extended care, could you please send a box of crackers? This would be appreciated.  
  • Many thanks to those of you who have donated snacks and other items for our classrooms this year. Your help is much appreciated!





 Our last day for this school year will be May 25.



Our Summer Program will start June 12 and end July 20



Our Open House will be August 18



Our Fall Program will start August 21




Thank you for sharing your precious children with us! We continue to enjoy seeing them grow and develop! During this Spring season, please take time to look at our lovely courtyard and peek in the Preschool Rooms later this month to see our butterflies! Enjoy the beautiful springtime!


            Happy April!                                                                       

                    Happy Spring!

                           Happy Easter!

     With our prayers for peace,

                                                   Nancy Bell and the PDO Staff