Summer Newsletter 2017










As your little ones are adjusting to their new “school” and being away from their mommies and daddies, we hope that you are also adjusting to this new adventure! We appreciate your choosing our program for your child and are so excited to have you here!  We are having fun getting acquainted with each other through playing with toys, reading stories, singing songs, playing games, and doing art activities!






Please do not arrive before 9:00 a.m., unless you are signed up for early care.  Early care will be offered Tuesday and Wednesday. See Nancy if interested.


As difficult as it may seem, please try to leave as soon as possible after dropping off your child. Prolonged stays can result in even more tears after parents leave and can be upsetting to the other children as well.


Please send a change of clothing in your child’s bag, as accidents do happen.


Please label all your child’s belongings: diaper bag/backpack, lunch box, drink cup, jacket, blanket, security items, change of clothing, etc.  This is very helpful to the teachers.


Please try to dress your child for playtime, as well as ease in going “potty”: shorts rather than long skirts or dresses for girls and shorts that can be easily pulled down (avoid buttons, snaps, and zippers).


Your child will be less likely to get hurt from tripping, falling, getting scraped, and “catching“ mulch if you can have him/her wear closed toe shoes rather than sandals and Crocs. These shoes have created problems both outside and downstairs that we would like to avoid. Thanks for your cooperation.


Our playground is mostly shaded, but if you are concerned about sun exposure, we ask that you apply sunscreen on your child before coming to school. 


Please complete the Sign-In sheet on the classroom door, listing a number where you may be reached while your child is here. This sheet will be used first if you need to be contacted. 


If anyone other than the persons listed on your form will be picking up your child, we need to have in writing your permission to have this person take your child.  If the person picking up your child is listed on your emergency form, we still need to be informed and will ask to see a driver’s license.  Your child’s safety is our utmost concern.


Please do not send your child if he/she is not feeling well.


Please remember your child’s artwork/papers when picking up.


Please note the Snack Sign-up sheet on your child’s classroom door.  We appreciate each parent signing up one day to bring a mid-morning snack for your child’s room. Please, NO NUT products, due to serious food allergies! 


Please look on the classroom door for possible “Substitutes” listed who are interested in subbing for your child if he/she cannot attend.  You may also sign up to have your child sub on a day that he/she does not regularly attend.


Please pick up your child promptly at 2:30 p.m., unless you are signed up for aftercare that is being offered on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is very important. Please see Nancy if interested in aftercare on these days.


If you ever do need before and/or after school care on Tuesday and Wednesday, please call or email Nancy so that we can plan for your child’s care and so that your code can be adjusted to let you in. 


Please feel free to call Nancy at 816-523-6792 or email at if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for sharing your little ones with us this summer! They are a joy to have in the program and we look forward to a fun summer! 


Nancy Bell and the PDO Teachers