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Volunteers in Mission (VIM)


The Village of La Grecia, Nicaragua and the Rainbow Network

Through Rainbow Network, we have adopted the Village of La Grecia in the coffee growing region of rural Nicaragua.  We supply food for every child, pregnant or nursing mom, and elder in the village.

We supply a scholarship for a high school student, as only primary school is free to students. We held a book drive raising over $1,500 to send Spanish books to be used in the Rainbow Schools in La Grecia and the neighboring villages.  And our children have donated clothing and shoes for the younger children in the village. 

We will be taking VIM GROUP in March of 2017 to the village and neighboring communities to work in the feeding programs, Rainbow Schools, and the construction of housing in the area.For further information about the Rainbow Network, visit : 


The Mozambique Initiative


Lihonzwane UMC - Pastor Lidia Juliao Vilanculo

In 2014-2015 a special donation from St. John’s paid for the congregation to build their first church building.  Each Sunday the loose change in our offering goes to support the ongoing ministry of this church.




Ponca Indian United Methodist Church at White Eagle


October 12−15, 2017 Mission Trip


St. John’s UMC has established a relationship with Rev. Jim White of Ponca Indian Church at White Eagle near Ponca City, Oklahoma.  Rev. White and his family visited St. John’s on a Sunday in July, 2017 and worshipped with us.  Rev. White delivered the message that day − “As the Rain and Snow Fall from Heaven, So Must the Word of God.”  He and his family also blessed us that day by singing beautiful Ponca and Muskogee Creek Indian-language hymns as well.

A group from St. John’s Volunteers In Mission (VIM) team travel to Ponca City, Oklahoma in October, 2017 to work with members of the Ponca Indian Mission UMC, including families with children fourth grade and older.  Together, we will share work, worship and community, serving with and getting to know our brothers and sisters in White Eagle.

If you are interested in joining the VIM team in October, contact Ruth Gerald, 






United Methodist Committee on Relief


Their work includes projects in disaster response, health, sustainable agriculture, food security, relief supplies and more to more than 80 countries worldwide including the United States.    Most recently our VBS collected school supplies for UMCOR.  St. John’s has supported UMCOR through collections of kits, and special offerings.  For more information visit:



Imagine No Malaria


Imagine No Malaria Provides treated mosquito nets and education for their use in areas where Malaria has been one of the leading causes of death & illness, especially in children.  St. John’s has taken special offerings to support this program.



Dresses for Cuba


A group of our St. John’s seamstresses has made dresses to be sent to Cuba to dress children who are without clothing.






Community Outreach



Baby Grace of Kansas City — Diaper Pantry & Clothes Closet


Baby Grace Kansas City was started by St. John’s in 2012 to assist families raising children in poverty.  We supply diapers on a monthly basis and clothing, childcare items, toys and books on a quarterly basis.  Families living in or near poverty often have no funds with which to purchase diapers as no government assistance program can be used to purchase them.  For people struggling with poverty, small things affect bigger things like education, jobs and child welfare…without diapers, parents cannot put their children in child-care programs that would allow the parents to work.  To people living on the edge, every link in this chain is important, including small things like diapers.

Located at 500 W. 40th St. in the Revolution UMC Church distributions are made on the second Saturday of each month.  This year we will help about 175 families and

Almost 300 children with diapers, (that is over 36,000 diapers), clothing, toys, and other supplies which they cannot purchases on their own.

St. John’s supports this program with donations from our members, our PDO program, donations from Revolution UMC, and a number of outside groups and individual donors, and a special Christmas Eve offering.

We believe that every child, regardless of the circumstances that brought them into the world, deserves unconditional love and grace.






Each year, groups and individuals of all ages from St. John’s UMC go to Harvesters to sort the donations of food given to Harvesters for distribution.  In addition, the congregation also supports these Harvesters programs:



De-Feet Hunger


St. John’s supports the De-Feet Hunger Race, along with other UMC churches and individuals in the Kansas City area, to raise funds to purchase food and pack sack lunches to be distributed.  St. John’s made a cash donation of $3,000, and supplied runners, and volunteers that raised funds, and packed the lunches.


Collections for KC Can


St. John’s collects non-perishable food items in the neighborhood surrounding our church for the annual Harvester’s Food Drive in September.


Most-Fowl Congregation


St. John’s and 5 other UMC churches in our immediate area compete each year to see which congregation is the “most fowl” by collecting turkeys to be distributed each thanksgiving by Harvesters to families living in poverty.  The winner is determined by the number of turkeys contributed by the number of members in the church.  St. John’s over the years has been the Most Fowl Congregation numerous times.

The “Most Fowl” Trophy returns to St. John’s UMC in 2017!




Back Snacks


Back Snacks are the food packs provided by Harvester’s to young school age children for weekend food.  St. John’s delivers 75 of these back snacks each week during the school year to Academy Lafayette, and Hope Academy.





Neighbor to Neighbor


Neighbor 2 Neighbor is a outreach program providing breakfast and lunch, social services, a welcoming warming and cooling center, and hospitality to those living in or near poverty, often homeless.  They are located in the Mary Kelly Center at 2803 E. 51st St. KC, Mo.  St. John’s takes a hot lunch every Monday to feed the Neighbors.


Spofford Home


Spofford is a leading provider of preventative and therapeutic treatment providing services for children who are suffering the effects of physical or sexual abuse, neglect or early onset mental illness.  They believe that every child deserves a safe, caring and healthy environment in which to thrive and grow.  St. John’s provides games and crafts times for the children and also a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party for the children.




Della Lamb Community Services


Della Lamb Community Services was founded in 1897 as a Methodist Mission.  Today, they provide low-income families with early education, childcare, youth services, adult services, adult education, transportation, emergency social services, international refugee services, elementary Charter School education, back-to-school supplies, Thanksgiving groceries and Christmas groceries and gifts.

St John’s sets up a Star Tree to collect Christmas groceries and gifts for children, adults and seniors for the Della Lamb Operation Santa Claus program.




Veronica’s Voice


The Mission of Veronica’s Voice is to empower women to exit from, to prevent the entry into, and to end all demand for prostitution/sex trafficking in the United States through survivor-informed leadership. 

St. John’s has provided information on human trafficking; our youth have raised funds to donate; and special offerings have been collected to help fund their needs and to construct a home for survivors.