Flood Buckets for Harvey + Irma Victims






You Can Help!




We still need more clothespins … but THIS WEEK’S ITEM is CLOTHESLINES as well!  Please remember hurricane & flood victims when you shop this week!




Combining with five area United Methodist Churches, St. John’s UMC will help complete 250 Flood Buckets for the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  There are 15 specific items that go in each bucket − so each church is taking three or four items.  Between now and November 19th, our congregation will collect the following items:


  • 5-gallon buckets with lid

  • 50-count packs of  clothespins

  • 50-foot clotheslines (2 packs per bucket)

  • 5-pack of dust masks


Ruth Gerald, Missions Chairman, is working to get the five-gallon buckets donated or at a reduced price.  The other items are dependent upon our generosity!  Please bring your items to the church Rotunda on Sundays, or drop them off at the church office Mondays through Thursdays between 9:00 am & 4:00 pm.





Mark Your Calendar −  Wednesday, November 22



Red Bridge UMC will host all five churches for an evening of worship and flood bucket assembly!

Many hands make quick work …





Our power as the United Methodist Church can assist in a mighty way!  You are invited to join in helping a family clean up from the devastation of hurricane flooding!