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February 2018




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine parties will be held in the Toddler, Preschool, and Older Preschool rooms on February 13 and 14. Many thanks for providing snacks, drinks, paper goods, and take home treats for our parties. The children love sharing their special treats with their classmates. You are much appreciated for your help!



Enrollment for Summer and Fall


Registration forms for Summer and Fall enrollment have all been sent home.  Please let us know if you did not receive either of these forms. More forms are on our bulletin board.



Summer 2018 

Our Summer Session will run for six weeks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and  Thursday, beginning June 11 and ending July 19. Hours will be the same, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  In addition to the four rooms offered during the school year, there will be a “School Age” classroom for five to seven year olds.   Please know that if enrollment is low for the Older Preschool and School Age classrooms on certain days, we will offer these days, but may combine these two rooms.


Summer enrollment for church members only will be taken any time during the week of February 12.


Summer enrollment for those currently attending our program and those who attended last summer will begin on Monday, February 26 at 8:30 a.m.

At this time, the enrollment form and a non-refundable enrollment fee of $196 ($205 for Crib Room) per child if attending one day for six weeks, and $382 ($400 for Crib Room) per child if attending two days will be due. You may bring your form and your payment to Nancy Bell in the office. Enrollment is on first come, first served basis, with forms numbered in order received. You will be notified by February 28 if you do not get your first choice or if your child cannot be enrolled.  These families have until noon on February 28 to change their choice of days, so that new families enrolling the following day can be given the spaces available.


Summer enrollment will begin Thursday, March 1, at 8:30 a.m. for new families who are not currently attending our program.

The enrollment form and non-refundable enrollment fee (same as above) will be due at that time. Enrollment will be handled the same this day, with forms given to Nancy and numbered in order received. You will be notified by March 5 if you do not get your first choice or if your child cannot be enrolled.



Fall  2018-2019 School Year


Our school year program will begin Monday, August 20 and run through May 23, 2019.   Our hours and days will remain the same: 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday for ages 12 months to 5 years. We will offer our Crib, Toddler, and Preschool Rooms, located on the main floor, and the Older Preschool Room, located on the second floor.


For St. John’s church members only, fall enrollment for the next school year will be taken anytime the week of February 5.


Enrollment for those currently attending our program and alumni will begin on Monday, February 12, at 8:30 a.m. Alumni (past PDO families not attending this school year) may enroll at this same time, but will be given their choices after the current families.

The Fall Enrollment card, along with the non-refundable enrollment fee of $174 for the Toddler and Preschool rooms and $180 for the Crib Room will be accepted. These fees include $124 (Toddler and Preschool rooms) and $130 (Crib Room) towards the first month’s tuition and $50 for registration.  These families will be given first chance to enroll by bringing the enrollment card and fee to Nancy Bell in her office. The enrollment will be on a first come, first served basis, with your enrollment card numbered in the order it is received and processed later. This alleviates the need to stand in line a lengthy time to enroll.  Nancy will let you know by February 13 if you do not get your first choice or if your child cannot be enrolled. Current families have until noon on February 14 to change their choice of days. After that time, the status of each room’s availability will be posted/left on my voicemail for new families enrolling the following day.


Beginning Thursday, February 14, at 8:30 a.m., enrollment will open for those not currently attending our program.  

The fall enrollment card, along with the non-refundable enrollment fee of $174 (Toddler and Preschool) and $180 (Crib Room) will be accepted from these families this day. These fees include $124 (Toddler and Preschool) and $130 (Crib Room) towards the first month’s tuition and $50 for registration. The enrollment cards will be numbered in the order received and processed later. You will be informed that morning if your child can or cannot be enrolled at this time.



Classroom News


Crib Room:

We are enjoying our friends, are excited to see each other, and having lots of fun playing with our toys. Singing songs and dancing to music plus reading books continues to be some of our favorite activities! We love going to our carpeted big playroom downstairs with riding toys, boats, slides, and tunnels We love experimenting with different art activities, and are proud of our little “masterpieces”! Please send 2 boxes of crackers if you have not done so. Thanks!


Toddler Room:

We are enjoying seeing our friends and playing together!  Lots of progress has been seen among the children in this room! We have been learning about cold weather animals and the season of winter through stories, games, songs, and activities. We experimented with different painting methods such as finger painting snow scenes and sponge painting snowmen and snowflakes. We worked on our fine motor skills in dot painting mittens and gluing cotton balls on our polar bears. We have enjoyed singing, dancing, and acting to our favorite songs and games. We continue working on color, shape, and size concepts. We are so proud of how much we are learning! Please remember to sign up for snacks! Thanks to all the parents who have provided our morning snacks! You are much appreciated!


Preschool Room:

A lot of activity has been going on in the Preschool class!  We welcomed our winter season by talking about winter and cold weather animals. We enjoyed decorating a pair of mittens, building and gluing our snowmen, and playing the “Mitten Match-Up“ game, having “snowball fights”, and playing in our pretend “snow”.   We learned about polar bears and penguins while making our furry polar bears and igloo houses for our “pets“, and making our movable penguins. We had fun creating our melting snowman with shaving cream and glue.  We continue working on size comparisons, counting, and letter, shape and color recognition through games, activities, and our felt board. We have enjoyed singing and love playing the freeze dance game. Our letters this month were O, P, and Q. Thanks to all the parents for continuing to provide our morning snacks! You are much appreciated!


Older Preschool Room

We continue to learn about different concepts through games, stories, and activities.  We enjoyed decorating our room with snowflakes we made. We learned lots about snow, winter, different types of winter birds, making bird feeders, identifying animal tracks (footprints), animal hibernation, and penguins. We were proud of our ““Time for Hibernation” book we made together and shared with each other! We are enjoying our animal hibernation “cave” we made in our classroom!  We were so excited to wear our pajamas to school, bring our stuffed animals that hibernate, make yummy pancakes, and have a pajama parade during letter P week! Our letters this month were M, N, O, and P, our shape was a rectangle, our number was 6, and our colors were white and blue.


Our Chapel Theme this last month for the Preschool and Older Preschool rooms was  “Noah’s Ark”. It was fun to listen to this story, sing “Old Noah Had an Ark“, and pair our stuffed animals with each other, walk on our “ark”, and have animal crackers for this Bible lesson!



Scholastic Book Club


Book order forms are being sent home this week. Order deadline is February 8 for orders, especially those needed by Valentine’s Day. You may place orders from previous months as long as the books are still available. We continue to receive free books and classroom materials because of your orders. Please go to www.scholastic.com/bookclubs for online orders. Our activation code is GQRQK. Many thanks!



Preschool Parents:

Please feel free to visit our Older Preschool Room upstairs after dropping your child off. Because this room is on the second floor, many of you have not seen this room. Miss Karen welcomes you to come up for a visit after you drop your child off and is happy to answer any questions for next year.  A survey was sent home last week about attending this room next year. It is due this Thursday, February 1.  This will help to determine if we can offer you an earlier and easier enrollment for this room.  Please look for this and return or email me your response.   Thank you!


Federal Tax ID Number

For your 2015 income tax purposes, St. John’s Federal tax ID is 44-6005529. A receipt of your total paid tuition for 2017 can also be provided if needed.



♥ Out of fairness to your child, please try to bring your child at our start time. We realize that it is challenging to get here at 9:00 a.m., but our free play time is from 9:00 – 10:15. Your little ones may not understand time, but do have a sense of our schedule. They tend to become confused and even frustrated at times when they arrive at a time when toys and/or art projects are being put away after the free play session.  This play time is also very important for developing their socialization skills.


♥ Please do not leave other children in your car when bringing or picking up your child in our program. If there is a problem with bringing a child in, please see us.


♥ Please turn in your required  written updates on any immunizations ASAP. This is very important.  Thanks!


♥ Please do not send your child if he/she is not feeling well. This is not fair to your child, as well as the other children and their teachers. Please refer to the symptoms given in our handbook and our January Newsletter.


♥ Please wash your child’s hands after arrival. This is especially important, as this flu is serious! 


♥ If you would ever like to schedule a conference with your child’s teachers, we are happy to do this any time 9:00-9:30 a.m. or 2:00-2:30 p.m.  Please see your child’s teachers and Nancy if interested. 




PDO will be in session on Presidents’ Day, February 19



PDO will NOT be in session March 12-15 for Spring Break



PDO will NOT be in session March 17-20 for Spring Break.




Let’s hope that the cold winter weather, flu, and colds will soon be behind us and that you and your little ones will have warmer, healthier days ahead.

Thanks for sharing your little sweethearts with us!


Have a happy Valentine’s Day and a wonderful February!

                                            Nancy Bell and the PDO Teachers