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May 2018




Here It Is, May Already! . . .


… and the end of another great year at PDO is near. It’s hard to believe how many changes we have seen in your little ones this year. They have really grown!



Summer Session


Our program begins Monday, June 11 and runs through Thursday, July 19. If you are interested in subbing on a day your child does not attend, please sign up on the Summer Sub List sheet on your child’s classroom door. Most of the classrooms are full, but some do not have wait lists and others still have openings, so please let us know of anyone interested. Thanks!


Summer Class Lists are posted in the hallway between the Crib and Toddler rooms.




Fall Session


The first day for our school year program will be Monday, August 20.

On August 17, we will have an Open House from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. for you and your child to meet his/her teachers and classmates. Those attending Monday and/or Wednesday are asked to come at 9:00 and those attending Tuesday and/or Thursday are asked to come at 10:00. We are encouraging those new to our program to attend. You will receive a confirmation letter and a packet of information in July containing medical, emergency, (unless already on file), parental responsibility forms, July Newsletter, a check list of items to bring, and an Open House invitation.


Fall Class Lists are posted in the hallway next to the Preschool room. Please check this to confirm your child’s placement for next year.



Parent Teacher Conferences

Since we are nearing the end of your child’s school year at PDO, we are offering a chance for you to meet with your child’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s development or progress. This is strictly optional. If interested, we ask that you reserve a 10 minute time between 9:00-9:30 a.m. or 2:00-2:30 p.m. with your child’s teachers.



Scholastic Book Clubs


Order forms for May are being sent home this week. Deadline for placing orders is Thursday May 10. You may order online or call your orders in and bring a check in later. To order online, go to Our activation code for ordering online is “GQRQK”. Many thanks to those who have placed orders this year. We have received many free classroom books and materials because of you!



Parent Evaluation Forms


A Parent Evaluation Form will be sent home the week of May 14. We ask that you complete this and return to Nancy’s office. This will be kept confidential, but will be helpful in our planning for next school year. As we are always striving for improving your child’s school experience, we appreciate your honest input. Thanks so much!



Reminder to Preschool and Older Preschool Room Parents:



Mothers’ Program and Tea


Preschool Room :


Monday and Tuesday


May 7 and 8



Older Preschool Room:


Wednesday and Thursday


May 9 and 10



2:00 p.m. in the Chapel each day




Classroom News


Crib Room                                                

We have grown up so much this year and will be “graduating” to the Toddler Room! We continue to enjoy playing with our friends, singing, dancing, listening to books, riding our “bikes” in the big playroom downstairs, and playing on the playground. We have enjoyed coloring, painting with water, blowing bubbles, and coloring with sidewalk chalk out on the courtyard! We are out of wipes, so could you please send a container of wipes? Thanks so much!!


Toddler Room

We have been learning about our pretty season of spring through books and activities. We talked about April showers bringing May flowers while we painted colorful umbrellas and rainbows and sponge painted spring items. We sang our “Four Little Ducks” song and enjoyed painting our ducks! Our ladybug and bee puppets and our fuzzy caterpillars and decorated butterflies were all lots of fun to make, as we talked about “bugs”! We loved “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book! We reviewed shapes through our crafts of matching shapes and making kites. We continue working on shape, color, and counting concepts, as well as listening, following directions, and being kind to our friends.


Preschool Room

We have been learning through stories and activities about the many beautiful changes that occur in spring: windy weather, rain showers, baby animals hatching, butterflies emerging from cocoons, and new plants growing. We talked about our sunny, rainy, and warmer spring/summer weather as we made our umbrellas, pretty flowers, our “grass” pictures and planted grass seed. We have been watching our real caterpillars grow and spin cocoons. We look forward to having butterflies soon in our room!   We are reviewing our whole alphabet and learning about numbers and shapes. We continue working on the concepts of counting, numbers, letters, matching, comparisons, and opposites. We are excited about our program next week for our mommies!


Older Preschool Room

We had lots of fun decorating our room and bulletin board in the hall! We enjoyed playing with our water table and learning about water and fish during Water Week. During Earth Week, we planted grass seed, learned about how plants grow, talked about recycling, taking care of our planet, and endangered animals. We learned a lot about transportation, with making cars and planes, classifying different means of transportation, and playing a transportation game. We had fun learning about different zoo animals and going on our safari looking for animals! We have been watching our caterpillars grow and spin their cocoons and are anxious to see butterflies emerge soon! Our letters for April were W, X, Y, and Z, our number was 9, our color was purple, and our shape was oval. We are excited about our program next week for our mommies! We have grown and bloomed so much this year! Many of us will be moving on to an older program next year. We will be dearly missed, but always remembered! Please keep in touch!


Our Chapel Theme for the Preschool and Older Preschool rooms for April was “Jesus is our Friend” and for May will be “I’m Thankful for God’s Love”.


Thanks to all of you who brought snacks this year for your children‘s classrooms. Your children enjoyed sharing their treats and your help was appreciated!   For May, we still need snacks, so please sign up! Thank you!!


Many thanks to all the parents who donated toys throughout the school year! Your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated!



School Pictures


For any of you who did not sign up to have your child’s picture taken and are still interested, you may contact Nicki Griffith at 913-957-5795 or info@nickigriffithevents to bring your child to her studio until May 15th at no sitting fee cost. She can do individual photos as well as siblings together.



Vacation Bible School


St. John’s Vacation Bible School will be held on July 23 – 27 from 9:00 – noon for children ages three (potty trained) through fifth grade. Online registration was last week and filled up quickly. Please register at or on their FaceBook Page for any available spots left or to be put on a wait list. .



Before and After School Care


During the summer program, before and after school care will be offered only on days that have enough interested families. Please see Nancy if you want before and after care through the summer program.   We will offer before and after school care again next year depending on the interest. We need attendance from at least three children per time to make this possible.

Please let Nancy know by August 15 if interested.



Lost and Found Items


Please see our table in the hallway and our yellow barrel for any items you might have left this year. Thank you!



Last day for this year’s program is


Thursday, May 24




We have enjoyed your children so much this year! It has been exciting to see the growth and progress they have made! To those of you who have children moving on to other programs, we will dearly miss you and your children. Our best wishes go to all of you! Please keep in touch and try to stop by and see us next year! For those of you staying here, I plan to be available at times, so will hopefully see you!! Many thanks to all of you for your help and support in making this year a pleasant and rewarding one that I will always remember and cherish! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful families in our program! Have a fun and safe summer. We look forward to seeing many of you again in June and/or August! God bless you all!


               Brenda       Deena       Hannah       Jill  


                       Karen       Lisa       Mary Beth     Nancy S.


                                   Stacy       Valla       Nancy B.