September 2018 Newsletter




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2018-2019 SEPTEMBER Newsletter



Can you believe it’s September and Fall is upon us?  We’ve had a great start to the school year.  It has been busy and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon.  Below you will find some reminders as well as some new information that you will want to take note of.




Don’t forget a crib sheet each time you come.  If you leave the same sheet in your child’s bag for each day he/she is here, don’t forget to wash it at the end of the week or after about 4 uses.  Please also provide a blanket that your child can be covered up with.  If he/she as a small lovey item, that is encouraged as well.


And …

  • Send a water bottle each day.
  • Send your child in closed-toe shoes each day; tennis shoes are best.
  • There is a new drop box outside the office hallway where you can leave tuition, paperwork, notes, etc.
  • September Snack Calendars are done and have been sent home.  You no longer need to sign up for a snack day, one will be assigned for you.  Please provide a healthy, nut-free snack for the entire class.
  • Vaseline will be used if necessary when changing diapers.  If you would like something other than Vaseline used on your child, please provide us a note and a tube of what you would like the teachers to use. 
  • Keep turning in your paperwork.  I will be sending home reminder notes soon to anyone that is missing paperwork.
  • Please pay any balance due for August/September or before.  If your child is participating in Before/After Care, you should have received a statement last Thursday with the amount you owe.  Please pay that by September 10.  We need all accounts taken care of to help ease the transition to Kangarootime.
  • Please check the table outside of the Toddler and Preschool Rooms.  There are lost and found items laid out for you to look through.  Any items left at the end of the month will be donated.
  • Sign up on your child’s door or click on the link for the Google Form if you want to be on the Sub List for your child’s class.  Only those that sign up will be included on the list.  The list will be posted in the Directory that will go out by the end of the month.  If you do NOT want to be listed in the Directory, please let me know.



Scholastic Book Orders 


Scholastic book orders are being sent home this week and will be due by Monday, Sept. 17.  You can fill out the form sent home and attach payment or you can order and pay online.  There are additional books available online as well.  The website for ordering is and our school code is “GQRQK”.  Our school earns free books and materials from orders that our families place using this specific code.  There is no obligation to buy.  New catalogs will be sent out each month.


Chapel Schedule


Chapel will begin this month.  Chapel is for the Preschool and Older Preschool classes.  It is a brief worship time that is non-denominational and includes a story, songs, and a prayer.  Nancy Bell will be leading Chapel until the church has hired a new Children’s Ministry Directory and then that person will step into the role of leading Chapel.


Tippi Toes


Tippi Toes will also be starting this month.  It is for children 3-6 years of age.  There will be a free demo on 9/4 after school and then class will be held every Tuesday from 2:30-3:05.  The cost is $48 per month.  For questions, please contact Christi Coffey at





Please be sure you have set up your account on Kangarootime.  You should have received an email from Kangarootime asking you to create a password and PIN.  You will then need to set your profile picture (you must put a picture of yourself in your account).  From there you can look over your family information, add to it, edit it, and invite other adults to your account.  I will be sending another email to any family that has not yet activated their account.  Please let me know if you are having problems setting up your account and I can try to assist you.  We would like everyone to have an active account by mid-month so that we can get everyone started with online billing for October.  

You will receive a billing invoice on September 25th to let you know what your balance due is for October.  Please pay that balance on October 1.  You will receive a reminder email one week later if you still have not paid your balance due.  You now have the option to pay your bill through Kangarootime.  You can set up a recurring ACH payment through your bank at no fee.  You can also pay with debit or credit, but will be charged a 3% fee.  You can also continue to pay with cash or check through the school office.  You will be able to view your statement information any time you log in to Kangarootime. 

We will keep you posted on when we will be rolling out some of the other features of the software,          such as checking children in and out each day, and sending daily reports.  Jill and I are still training with the Kangarootime staff and then will be training our staff in the classrooms.


Thank you for bringing in all of the school supply donations.  The teachers’ cabinets and storage closets are packed full thanks to you.  Your monetary supply fee will be used to purchase other classroom materials and art supplies for the classes.


I hope you all have a great month.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.



Thank you!  Jamie Sink, Director