Are you looking for a Church for your Wedding?

If so please contact us at 816-523-6788. St. John’s UMC is a community church. We graciously open our doors to all who wish to enter. Whether you are a member or non-member our qualified staff would be happy to help you with your church wedding needs.



Wedding Q&A



Q: How much does it cost for a non-member?

A: For a non-member the cost is $2,000, which includes the use of our Church Coordinator, organist, candelabras, a unity candle table, our custodian, and 6 sessions of premarital counseling with the pastor.  It is expected that a pastor serving at St. John’s will officiate at weddings.  (With the approval of the Senior Pastor, arrangements may be made to invite:  (1) another United Methodist pastor to officiate your wedding or (2) another religious leader to participate by being a part of the opening of the ceremony and/or, at the appropriate time, to be part of the blessing of the rings or of the couple.)  You will have access to the church up to three hours prior to the start of the wedding. If more time is needed, a $100 per hour fee is charged.


Q: Are there facilities for a reception at the church?

A: No


Q: What is the seating capacity of the sanctuary?

A: The sanctuary seats 350 people.


Q: Are tours of the church available?

A: Yes. You may contact the church office and set up a time or just stop by between the hours of 9:30 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.


Q: Do you have an informational packet?

A: Yes. Upon request, we will mail an informational packet to you or you may pick one up as we show you around.


Q: Will our day be taken even after we put our deposit down?

A: NO! After a deposit is made and a contract is signed the date can only be changed by the intended couple.


Q: How much is the deposit to save a date?

A: We ask for a $250.00 deposit. The $250.00 comes off of the total cost not in addition to.


Q: Can I email you a few questions I have and send you my mailing address for a packet?

A: Yes you may just send an email with your questions and/or your address to

Wolosyn-461-2  bus