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!  Everyone ~ and we mean everyone ~ can come and belong here. 

  • We proclaim God’s unconditional love and grace that is for everyone. 
  • We celebrate and welcome the diversity of God’s family. 
  • We are open to all who are seeking after God and desire to be in unity with others. 

Worship Opportunities

We strive to offer inspiring and excellent classical traditional worship.  Our choir-led service is filled with stirring music, sermons, stories, and opportunities for spiritual growth all led by our laity and pastoral staff.  We believe anyone attending worship will be stimulated emotionally, physically, and spiritually for the purpose of leading a holistic and faith-filled life.


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    Fridays at 1:00 PM on Zoom

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Current Worship Series


4.14 - 4.28.2024

We all know what it is to be tempted; it is part of our human nature.  One could surmise that the original sin was not eating the apple.  Rather, it was entertaining the temptation to take a bite.  Either way, humanity disobeyed God for which they were summarily deported from the perfect garden.  After Jesus’ baptism the synoptic gospels tells us that the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness.  There he fasted for forty days and nights.  At his weakest point physically and emotionally, the tempter comes to test Jesus’ resolve.  While Jesus may have been physically and emotionally vulnerable, his spirit remained resolute.  He was able to thwart the temptations put before him.  What can we learn from Jesus?  How can we battle the temptations before us?  Join us for this post-Easter series called Temptations.- Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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