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Current Worship Series

Ted Lasso Part Deux

9.3 - 9.24.2023

Over three seasons of Ted Lasso, the creators and writers have given us much to contemplate. Multiple story lines, beautiful character development and of course, the wisdom of the show that comes through a simple statement. In a previous worship series we entertained some of those but now the third season has come and gone leaving us with a fresh set of one liners that can speak to the church. So once again, we will bath ourselves in the waters of Ted Lasso’s wisdom (or pithiness) to see how the realism of the show aligns or conflicts with the story of God and us.

I invite you to join us for our September worship series, Ted Lasso Part Deux. Each week we will lean into a thought provoking line from the final season asking God to reveal their relevance for us. Come and join in on this lively discussion as we seek together God’s wisdom and lessons. Remember - all are welcome to join us here. - Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman


All of us seek and want to find a place where we are welcomed and can belong. Some feel like they can belong anywhere; others question if they belong, even in a local church. We, the people of St. John’s, want you to know that all are welcome here! We want to emphasize that everyone ~ and we mean everyone ~ can come and belong here. St. John’s United Methodist church proclaims God’s unconditional love and grace that is for everyone. We celebrate and welcome the diversity of God’s family. Thus, we are open to all who are seeking after God and desire to be in unity with others. So, there it is. You are welcome here!


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We strive to offer inspiring and excellent classical traditional worship.  Our choir-led service is filled with stirring music, sermons, stories, and opportunities for spiritual growth all led by our laity and pastoral staff.  We believe anyone attending worship will be stimulated emotionally, physically, and spiritually for the purpose of leading a holistic and faith-filled life.


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Living Streams is our weekly worship experience focusing on the practices of story sharing, centering prayer, and communion.  


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When & Where


Chapel Worship Service  |  8:30 AM  |  Chapel

Sanctuary Worship Service  | 10:45 AM  |  Sanctuary and Online


Living Streams | 1:00 PM | Online

6900 Ward Parkway

Kansas City | MO 64113


Previous Series


7.16 - 8.27.2023

Years ago, a church member invited me to play a round of golf with him.  We went to a course in the northland and the day started out okay.  However, in typical fashion, my game started to come apart and I began muttering to myself and then complaining aloud.  I did not want to embarrass myself in front of my church member, but that was exactly what I did.  Somewhere around the 11th or 12th hole he said to me, talk positively to yourself and you will play better.  Nice thought but . . .


Humans possess the ability to talk to themselves and oh, the stories that we tell ourselves.  Some of them are over exaggerated riffs on how great we are while most are diatribes about how bad or worthless we are to self or anyone else.  In the Gospel of John there are seven instances where Jesus says “I am . . .”  He says that he is the way, truth, and life, the gate, the resurrection and the life, the vine, the bread of life, the light of the world, and the good shepherd.  During this series, we will consider the last four in this list and how Jesus self-talk can affect ours so that we might grow deeper in faith and broader in our call to be his disciples.


I invite you to join us for our mid-Summer series, Self-Talk.  Each week we will lean into one of them discovering their relevance for us.  I invite you to join in on this lively discussion as we seek together God’s wisdom and lessons each of us.  Remember - all are welcome to join us here.

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