Coming of the Lord "To Deliver the Hurting"

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Current Worship Series

Coming of the Lord

1.8 - 2.19.2023

With the coming of God incarnate in the baby Jesus, we are introduced to God’s new work in human history.  Now one of us, the child becomes a man and the work of God takes on an unexpected form.  Jesus does not fulfill the visions of the ancient prophets in the way many had interpreted and dreamed for the messiah.  Instead of breaking the national bondage and their oppression through power, war, and regaining of possessions, Jesus fights the battle against evil and oppression in whatever forms they embodied in his day.  The child of God brought light to a dark world.  He battled evil and won.  He proclaimed good news by delivering the hurting and marginalized.  He invited others to share in his ministry by living in a new way. 


In the same way first century peoples encountered the gospel message, we will journey through them seeking to understand the Lord who came and who is still our most significant influence today.  His ministry was vital in the first century; it is just as vital in the 21st century.  I invite you to join us as we recall what it means for Christ to come and how this invites us to live each day. - Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman


All of us seek and want to find a place where we are welcomed and can belong. Some feel like they can belong anywhere; others question if they belong, even in a local church. We, the people of St. John’s, want you to know that all are welcome here! We want to emphasize that everyone ~ and we mean everyone ~ can come and belong here. St. John’s United Methodist church proclaims God’s unconditional love and grace that is for everyone. We celebrate and welcome the diversity of God’s family. Thus, we are open to all who are seeking after God and desire to be in unity with others. So, there it is. You are welcome here!


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We strive to offer inspiring and excellent classical traditional worship.  Our choir-led service is filled with stirring music, sermons, stories, and opportunities for spiritual growth all led by our laity and pastoral staff.  We believe anyone attending worship will be stimulated emotionally, physically, and spiritually for the purpose of leading a holistic and faith-filled life.


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Living Streams is our weekly worship experience focusing on the practices of story sharing, centering prayer, and communion.  


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When & Where


Chapel Worship Service  |  8:30 AM  |  Chapel

Sanctuary Worship Service  | 10:45 AM  |  Sanctuary and Online


Living Streams | 1:00 PM | Online

6900 Ward Parkway

Kansas City | MO 64113


Previous Series

All The Good

11.27 - 12.25.2022

When we think of Advent, I believe most of us think about the time when Jesus was born; that time some 2,000 plus years ago. We consider Advent and Christmas to be an event in the past that we continue to celebrate today. In this series, we will consider Advent has a proclamation of not only what has transpired, but of what is still to come. The Good News is not simply that Jesus was born in a manger near Bethlehem. The Good News is that Christ will come again. Our Advent worship should be focused on both the past and the future – what was and what is yet to come. While reflecting on the past, we pray for the fulfillment of God’s love made known to us in the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension through the second coming of Jesus.

During this season, we considered what it means for us to practice Advent by reflecting on what God has done and is yet to do. We also considered what it looks like for us to pray faithfully while persevering through the now, but not yet. In light of these, we gained a glimpse of what mercy looks like and how it is intended to be a part of our everyday lives. Culminating on Christmas Day, God presented us with the opportunity for a new beginning in Christ – to live not simply reflecting on the past, but to be alive with hope and expectation of what God is still yet to do.

I invite you to listen and watch as we considered a Wesleyan way of living into the Advent and Christmas. All are welcome! - Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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