PDO & Preschool Contact

We exist for the purpose of building a life-changing environment for every child we encounter,  but we also value the opportunity to make a connection with you...the parent. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns regarding our Parent's Day Out & Preschool.

Staff Requirements

All Staff at St. John’s PDO and Preschool go through an interview process that includes a background check through the state of Missouri.  Staff are also required to go through the United Methodist Church Ministries training called Safe Sanctuaries.  The training teaches staff how to make church (school) a safe place for all children.  Staff must also complete CPR and First Aid Training every two years.  In addition to staying current with CPR, staff attend various continuing education classes each year.  We have staff meetings throughout the year and team members are able to collaborate on a weekly basis.  We at St. John’s are blessed to have a staff that average 10-20 years’ experience in the classroom.