Who We Are

We, the people of St. John’s United Methodist Church, proclaim God’s unconditional love and grace that is for everyone.  We celebrate and welcome the diversity of God’s family while seeking to serve our community in impactful ways.  Our core values are welcome, connection, compassion, and growth.  The journey God bids us to take will transform us into the person God envision each of us to be in this world.  Everyone is invited to join us as we each strive to daily live into these values.  The environments that we believe will lead us on this journey are worship, learning, service, and witness.  Each person who passes through the doors of St. John’s is invited to experience God’s love and be transformed by it for the purpose of rescuing the whole of creation.  If this is the journey you believe God is calling you to take, come and do so with the people of St. John’s.


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  • Community

    We work to become a strong center for the creation of a community spirit in support of the common good of the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Membership & Friendships

    All members aspire to maintain and build upon our friendly atmosphere and sense of community and fellowship so that all who enter our doors feel truly welcomed and accepted and we, in turn, open ourselves to deepening our relationship with on another and with God.

  • Worship

    We shall continue to offer inspiring worship, music, sermons, and opportunities for spiritual growth led by a strong and well-trained pastoral/laity leadership team. This will stimulate the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of a congregation where all are engaged in worshipful work.

  • Spiritual Growth

    The Purpose of Adult Education and Spiritual Growth is to nurture the transformation of believers into disciples in order to transform the church, the community, and the world. It is our belief that this happens best within small groups and covenantal relationships that provide a safe place to explore and nurture faith.

  • Children, Youth & Families

    We strive to engage the entire congregation in actively championing and collectively participating in leading-edge ministries that attract children, youth and young families, thus igniting their enthusiasm to be actively involved in our congregation.

  • Missions

    St. John’s has a long tradition of being involved in mission work. We are committed to broadening participation in mission projects, reaching out to address local, national and global needs.

  • Generosity

    We encourage the kind of extravagant generosity that will fund the mission and ministry of our congregation to its fullest potential.