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Voices of Christmas

12.3 - 12.24.2023

During the Christmas season we hear a lot of different voices. Many of them are advertisers tempting us to buy their “deals” for Christmas. Others of them are voices we hear on the corners as they sing carols or the “thank you” of a volunteer ringing a bell by a Salvation Army donation bucket. We hear the voices of our kids and family members sharing with us their wish list. We walk the isles of the big box stores and find that Christmas decorations where out weeks before Halloween. And don’t forget the Christmas songs on the radio. All these “voices” have become a cacophony that drowns out the humble voices of the season. This Advent we will take time to consider the first voices of the Christmas story. Our hope is that each of them will speak a powerful message of hope, joy, peace, and love that might permeate our hearts and guide us to a fresh expression of God’s saving presence.  - Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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10.29 - 11.19.2023

I love theology nerds – they are my tribe.  One theological belief that has multiple views is salvation of the human soul.  I grew up in the Calvinist camp that preaches “once saved, always saved.”  Salvation is an event that transpires when you confess your sins, profess Jesus as Lord and Savior, and ask God for forgiveness.  An opposite view states that salvation is something we experience after death.  It is predicated on God’s steadfast love that ultimately grants unmerited favor (grace) to all peoples.  For those of us who walk the “via media” or middle way, we think of salvation as “I am saved – I am being saved.”  The main impetus behind this view is the need for constant renewal and regeneration.  No one is made complete or perfect upon first encounter of God’s grace.


Our practice of tithing to God fits this same pattern.  Some of us are pressured immediately to faithfully live into tithing or giving ten percent to the church.  Others of us where never formally taught the principle of tithing – instead we have been encouraged to give what we can.  For many of us we give to God while we are learning to truly tithe.  Few of us are capable of immediately giving ten percent to God.  Instead, it is an aspiration that we strive to live into.  However, the pressures of living can cause us to slip into other financial priorities.  The global pandemic and inflation are two factors driving a compelling need for asset preservation.  Our fall stewardship series will help us re-new, re-affirm, re-connect, and re-claim the generous heart God desires us to possess.  We will discover that only through extravagant giving are we able to re-align with God’s vision and hope for our community of faith and our neighborhood.  Please join us each Sunday in October for our stewardship series titled “RE.” Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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