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Good News

5.26 - 6.23.2024

Years ago, I attended a conference in Seattle.  One of our guest speakers was Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  If you have ever read one, they are replete with uplifting, feel good stories.  He sold millions of copies all because we like good news.  The first four books of the New Testament are the gospels or what we also call, The Good News.  They tell the story of Jesus.  Each author is unique, their intended audience is unique, and their purpose for writing is also unique.  Over the next five weeks, we will take time to consider each of the gospels.  Since it is presumed that Mark was written first, that is where we will begin.  Then we will move to Matthew, take a pause because of Annual Conference, and then resume moving through Luke and John. 


I am excited for us to take time to read and hear the Good News.  As part of this, I would like to challenge you take the week prior and read the upcoming gospel before we learn about it on Sunday.  I know you will gain a lot from doing so.  Finally, I encourage you to invite a friend to come and share in our time of worship and learning.  After all, the Good News is for all the world. Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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Previous Series


4.14 - 5.19.2024

We all know what it is to be tempted; it is part of our human nature.  One could surmise that the original sin was not eating the apple.  Rather, it was entertaining the temptation to take a bite.  Either way, humanity disobeyed God for which they were summarily deported from the perfect garden.  After Jesus’ baptism the synoptic gospels tells us that the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness.  There he fasted for forty days and nights.  At his weakest point physically and emotionally, the tempter comes to test Jesus’ resolve.  While Jesus may have been physically and emotionally vulnerable, his spirit remained resolute.  He was able to thwart the temptations put before him.  What can we learn from Jesus?  How can we battle the temptations before us?  Join us for this post-Easter series called Temptations.  Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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