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The Last Words of Jesus

2.14 - 3.31.2024

Words – a varying combination of consonants and vowels strung together making a particular sound that communicates a thought or idea.  Most words are not like a calculus equation that is hard for us to understand.  Rather, we hear and quickly comprehend words spoken, especially ones in our native tongue.  While words are easy to hear and comprehend, what we may miss is the power that words have on the hearer.  Words have the power to convince people to do things they should or should not do.  Words have the power to persuade others to hold a new or different opinion.  Words can shape our image of the world.  Words can paint a picture of beauty or ugliness.  Words can demean, shame, or harm self or someone else.  Words can encourage and lift spirits.  Words can start and end wars.  Words can hurt and heal.  Words have power and are powerful things.


During this season of Lent and Easter, we will consider the last words of Jesus.  Some of them were spoken to his friends, others to strangers, and a few to family.  However, in precious waning moments of Jesus’ life, not a word was wasted.  They all carried weight and power which we can still experience today.  I invite you to come and join us as we consider the message in these last words of Jesus Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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Previous Series

The Gospel According to Taylor Swift

1.14 - 2.11.2024

Taylor Swift is one of the most recognizable country/pop stars in the universe. PERIOD. FULL STOP.  Type her name in your search bar and the results number 121 million.  To say that Taylor Swift is popular is an understatement of the grandest proportions.  As evidence, her “Eras” tour is taking her across the globe bringing in hundreds of thousands of fans and millions upon millions of dollars.  Her movie version of the tour cost her a couple of million to make but has grossed over $250 million by itself.  According to Guinness World Records, it is the highest grossing concert or performance film of all time.  Then you layer in all the national media attention she receives on Sundays.  We Kansas City Chiefs fans are well aware when she is present watching her current beau doing what he loves to do.  Unfortunately, Ms. Swift’s life has not been all glitz and glamour.  Fame has its price and the price for her has been a long string of love interests.  


Her music speaks of love, heartache, pain, resilience, and discovery.  It expresses personally and profoundly the commonality of human relationships.  One of the things that her Eras Tour represents is the progression of her music through the decades and how it symbolizes her journey.  From searching for the right person, wondering if love and the meaning of life can be discovered, to finding herself and being happy with just that.  It is a kin to the journey that many of us make as we search for the meaning of life or the answer to the question, “why am I here?”  Over the next 5 weeks, we will look at five of T. Swift’s songs and the intersection they have with scripture and faith. 


I invite you to join us for this contemporary series as we consider the words of Taylor Swift from a small sampling of her music, the words of scripture, and the constructive thoughts of others who can help us know the Good News.  Together we will search, grieve, settle, and be retrospective in order to “shake it off” and move forward with God.  I invite you to join us as we consider the "Gospel According to Taylor Swift."  I hope you will take a moment and invite a friend to join you   Rev. Dr. Jim Hoffman

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